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Where’s My Camera?

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Back in the day, before we had children, G-Man and I lived on a family place we called Silver Creek. (So called because Silver Creek ran through it. Brilliant, right?)

It was school land (part of Oklahoma’s School Land Trust) so we didn’t “own” the place. We just treated it as if we did.


This is the house we lived in.

That’s not my car and those aren’t my boys. The picture belongs to James Clifton Paula Lindon. (That’s Cliff and his shirtless brother/deputy, John.) They had the place before we did. I swiped the pic off Facebook. 🙂

I have a few pictures of the place. Somewhere, there’s a picture of the copperhead that got stuck in the bottom groove of the garage door and whacked G-Man on the arm when he opened it.

G-Man said he grabbed a camera when he went inside for a gun because he was afraid no one would believe the story without it. 🙂

And I have some pictures of #1 son’s first Christmas. That’s where we lived when our first baby boy was born.


But I have tons of pictures locked inside my head that I can’t show you.

Such as a picture of the skunk family who lived under our house. I called them watch-skunks. (They only sprayed when strangers came.) When G-Man had to go under the house to unfreeze pipes once, the skunk fam didn’t spray. They just moved over so he could work. 🙂

I don’t have pictures of the wasps that chased me the first night we lived there. (They lived in the ceiling of the front porch and came out at night if the light was on to warm their little bodies.)

I don’t have a picture of the first scorpion I annihilated. (How do you kill a scorpion? I grabbed the biggest encyclopedia in the house and slammed it into the poor critter. If that wall is still there, he’s probably still embedded in it.)

And I don’t have a picture of Eegore the tarantula who wandered onto my screened in patio (where my plants were) and when I went after him with a broom, jumped over the broom and chased me back into the house. (I told Gary he wrestled the broom away from me, then chased me into the house with it, but he didn’t really.)


This isn’t Eegore. This is his grandson. (Or great-grandson.)

G-Man “rescued” Eegore later that day, and since he had a “hunched” back, he got that name. He came back every so often just to say hi.

When he did, I waved from inside the house. (With the broom hidden.)

I got chased a lot when we lived there.

I don’t have a picture of the many times I got my car stuck in the sticky mud and had to walk home. (I did learn how to drive in mud without getting stuck, though.)

The one picture I’m so very, very sorry I missed is of the wild turkey cock that walked through our yard with his tail on display one day.

He was a thing of beauty!


Where’s your camera when you need one?

I’m very thankful for smart phones theses days!

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