Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.

Grilled Steak and Bake

Great Steak

Heat up the grill, salt and pepper the steaks, toss them on the heat to sear (to keep juices in) but not long enough to burn, then move them away from the flame to cook. Cooking time depends on how thick your steaks are and how well done you like them. (Ever notice how a lot of cooking depends on how much of something you have?)

How good your steak is depends on two things–the quality of the meat you start with (Ribeye is my favorite. Also, we raise our own beef.) and NOT overcooking.

Baked potatoes will be on our table. Who doesn’t know how to bake a potato?

Baked Potatoes

Wash well, dry, rub on a little vegetable oil and toss into the oven at 425 for an hour or until tender when you poke it with a fork. Serve with butter, sour cream, chives, bacon bits, grated cheese and whatever you enjoy.


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