Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.

My Books

My first book–well, my first published book. I wrote a couple (!) before I sold COWBOY. 🙂

And no, that’s not me on the  cover. <g>

This is my second book, Blind Sight. I love this story! And I’ve been told it’s my best (published) book, yet. Unless you happen to love cowboys. If that’s the case, stick with my first book.

Or buy both! 🙂 Available in digital foremats, also.

You can find both of them at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon for Cowboy  and Amazon for Blind Sight.

9 thoughts on “My Books

  1. You’re a writer! I salute you for the countless number of hours that you dedicate to your art. Make Me Howl is on the way, but Congratulations in advance.

    • Yes, I’m a writer. For me, writing is a continuation of the fun I had as a kid playing make believe.
      We do something with our time. For me, it’s write or sleep. And who wants to sleep away her life? LOL.

  2. Well, I did it again. What? I read my second “romantic” novel mystery, “Blind Sight”.

    Such a twisted take of events that I didn’t figure out the villain till you exposed her/him/it. Not gonna spoil the ending for others.

    Thanks for the autograph. Great book even for us fellers that haven’t explored our romantic side.

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