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Wanna Write?

My last post was Memorial Day. That’s a whole month with nothing to say. *sigh* Why?

Well . . . did you ever noticed that most people who write blogs are experts at something? I’m not. I’m not an expert gardener. (The weeds are choking my veggies as we speak!) I’m not an expert knitter, but I have several projects started. I’m not an expert photographer, although I get a lucky shot now and then.

(No whine. Just fact.)

Recent Lucky Shot

                           Recent Lucky Shot

I am a pretty good reader of the books I like (but who’s not?) and I’d LOVE to be an expert writer. Still working on that one.

As a pretty good reader and wannabe expert writer, I’m going to share parts of a book I’m reading right now.


A really, really long title (and hard to remember exactly.) This book is by Roz Morris and is part of her Nail Your Novel series.

And since about half the people who know I’m a writer tell me they’d love to write a book, I thought I’d share a little of Roz’s expertise. Yes. She’s an expert. 🙂

The first thing a writer should know is what a story is.

Here’s Roz’s definition:

A story is usually someone trying to do something, or trying to prevent something. The story ends when they’ve done it, or done something else instead that put an end to the journey. To spice things up they have obstacles, or conflict, which make it all way more troublesome than they imagined when they started.

So . . . easy-peasy. Right? Bahahahah! (Insert the Wicked Witch of the West’s laughter here.)

I’d love to hear from anyone else who’s read and/or used Roz’s Nail Your Novel series. So far, it’s making sense to me.

Ps: I do have an expert imagination–but it’s not something I can share.