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Bio–My World

Pinback, circa 1960

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Welcome to my world. Thanks for visiting! Let me tell you a little about myself.

I’m one of six kids, four sisters and a brother, and we all agree we had the best parents in the world. A real Leave-It-To-Beaver upbringing. We all like our hometown so much five of the six of us still live there.

This is the six of us at our dad’s 80th birthday party.

I’m a reader first–I’ve been reading ever since I can remember. And when I couldn’t read, I’ve always made up stories to entertain myself.

I had a blind date on December 7 a few years ago, and married a that guy five months later. We have three sons. When I had the third one, I took a Louis Lamour book with me on the delivery table. The nurse finally wrestled it away from me when the baby was ready to make his appearance.

Almost as soon as the youngest was walking, we bought a pharmacy and I went to work full time. At first it was only supposed to be for a couple of weeks. Those two weeks lasted a looooong time. 🙂

As soon as I had the time between playing with the husband and kids, cooking, laundry and work, I started writing my stories down. Much more fun! I sold my first short story to a children’s Sunday School paper. I made $35.00, and the publisher issued it twice!

I’m not only a reader and writer, I’m a knitter, a gardner and a darn good cook if I do say so myself. And I have an alter-ego I call Terminally Curious, because I am, truly, terminally curious.  

7 thoughts on “Bio–My World

  1. You could look at my blog and see who I am! :))

  2. So true, Terri. I love reading your blog.

  3. This site is beautiful. Thanks for giving us a peek into your world. 🙂

    • Oh, Ren! It’s so good to see you. You’re right, it IS my crazy world, so it probably doesn’t all make sense. But piece it together and you’re right where I live. LOL
      Miss you, girlie!

  4. I have enjoyed reading your blog and would like to nominate you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Please check out my blog for the brief details.

    In Christ, Kim

  5. I love your blog! I have sent you a very inspiring blogger” award. If you decide to accept it please go to my site and copy and paste then follow the rules to nominate your favorite bloggers. Congratulations!

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