Susan Spess Shay

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Ten Worst Things About Living in a Small Town World

I told you last week the Ten Best Things About Living in a Small Town World. Today, I’ll tell you the Ten Worst. (Yes, I thought of some.)


  1. News travels really fast in a Small Town World. (Once I was with a guy when he stopped to buy ‘something’ for his dad. By the time I got home, my mom knew about it.)
  2. When my Old Ford cousins were in school, their classes were extremely small (less than thirty) and often they were related to about half the class.
  3. When you’re young, dating is tricky business, because if the guys aren’t family (second cousin, once removed) then your best friend went out with him. That either puts him off limits or you look for a new BFF.
  4. Teachers remember your siblings and often expect from you what they got from them.
  5. The librarian just might monitor what you read. (At least the librarian did when I was young.)
  6. You have to stand in line to get into or out of church because people know, like and care about each other.
  7. Church is noisy. (For the reason, see #6)
  8. There aren’t very many places to shop. (But the places we have are FANTASTIC!)
  9. When you order flowers, the people at the flower shop often have your order ready when you get there or are expecting you.
  10.  It’s 35 miles to the nearest Starbucks. (But only 28 to the nearest Braum’s.)

So I’ve shared with you my BEST and worst things about living in a Small Town World. If you can’t tell, I truly enjoy where I live. (C-Town is the bomb!) But I loved living in Pryor Creek, too. (When #1 Son started driving, the man who owned the shoe store volunteered to let us know if he drove too fast.)

As I’ve mentioned before, the world is made up of Small Town Worlds. Whether it’s the place you work or your neighborhood or your church or your part of Facebook or Twitter, no matter the size of your city, your part of it is your Small Town. 🙂

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

BTW: I’m not sure how second cousins and removed cousins work. Is my dad’s first cousin’s child my second cousin or is he once removed?

Does anyone really know?