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Bunny Leaps

Remember our Garden Blessing Bunnies?Not much later (like the next morning) baby bunnies became Bullet Dodgers.

We quickly learned that Yorkshire Terriers like to chase baby bunnies, too. In fact, they were bred for it.

According to my friend, Wiki:

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed of terriertype, developed in the 19th century in the county of Yorkshire, England to catch rats in clothing mills.

I read somewhere Yorkies are famous for controlling mice, moles, rabbits–anything that scurries along the ground, and yeah, that’s our Molly.

Once she saw a mole peep out of its run. She got curious (which is why she so belongs in MY family) dug into the hole and did poor mole boy in.

My apologies to mole lovers everywhere.

(Aside: To keep that from happening again, I now plant Castor Bean plants in my yard to keep moles and gophers from wanting to come for a visit.)

Anyway, Molly noticed the rabbit hole with the baby bunnies in it. She didn’t do much except look in the hole, until the babies started to get more active. One day I came home from work and G-Man said, “I need your help in the garden.”

Since the garden is usually my part of our world, I was a little wary. “What happened?”

“The bunnies were out playing and Molly chased one off the wall.”

The wall is only about a yard high, but we have a fence and no gate out there. Before I got home, my man had taken off the fence hardware so he could get through it, but needed me to help hold it open for him. He squeezed through, went down the wall and started his bunny  hunt.

The property right behind us is a tree filled, which means leaves get there and multiply. Somewhere in all those leaves, a baby bunny was lost from its brothers and sisters, and G-Man couldn’t stand it.

My man took my little hand rake and dug through those leaves until–WOOHOO!–he found it.

We got him back with his sibs.

My man made the bunnies a little protection after that.

This is a box the milk man used in that Small Town to the North. I rescued it along with its brother when we cleaned out G-Man’s parents’ house. He put that over the hole so Miss M couldn’t get to the babies, propped up the box so Mama Bunny could get in to feed the babies and teach them Bunny Tricks.

 Because the Queen of our Castle is able to open sliding doors and squeeze under gates and fences if given a challenge, he put this rock on top to keep her from pushing the box-house out of the way.

The Bunny Hole is empty now. I’ve put away the Bunny House (milk box) and the rock. Molly still goes out to the garden and stares into the Bunny Hole, hoping to find a new challenge.

And the bunnies? 🙂 I saw one or two of the babies on Saturday. I don’t know if the others moved on to another yard or found free falling from the wall so much fun, they couldn’t resist another go.

But I’m hoping they acted like “Peter Rabbit” , squeezed through our fence and found Farmer McGregor’s garden. If they did, I hope McGreg is blind to them. And doesn’t have a dog.

G-Man was a little disappointed we couldn’t bring them into the house and let Molly mother them. He thought they’d make a great YouTube clip with her flock of babies at her side.

Maybe next time. 🙂

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You Are Worth the Time

No one has enough time anymore. I know. Even my friends who’ve retired find the stuff the “have” to get done swells to fill every moment. They still have trouble finding time to indulge in what they see as theirs.

Please watch this.


I see way more women having trouble finding time for their art than men. Wonder why that is?


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Have you heard Cannons? It’s a Christian song that we sang for the first time in church Sunday. I love the words. Love the music. Love experiencing the emotions it brings out.

But I can’t figure out how to post it to my blog. 😦 I don’t even know what’s wrong. I’ve posted music here before, and all I want to do is share.


Okay. Next best thing I can do. (Stop laughing. I don’t have any grade school children here to help me.)

Click here, and somehow you’ll get where you need to go. I think. If not, do a search for Cannons. Youtube will help you, and you’ll enjoy it! (Probably.)


Goals or Resolutions?

Do you make goals or resolutions?

I heard several people say this year, “Resolutions are just something to break,” and, “Resolutions will be broken before you can get them written down.”

I don’t know many people who’ll admit to making resolutions.

Lots people I know set goals for the year. For some reason, there seems to be a more positive spin on that word than resolution. Since goals can be made a little more flexible (?) they’re easier to keep. Goals are easily readjusted to fit what’s really going on in your life rather than just what you’re guessing will be going on.

Okay. Makes sense.

I never was one to make resolutions or set goals until I started writing seriously. Then it just seemed to go with the territory, so I started setting goals. Do I reach them?

Mmm, yeah. Some of them. But not all. I figure if you reach all your goals, you’re setting the bar too low, so I make it a point not to ring the bell on every one. And if I miss by a little this year, it gives me something attainable for next year.

I’m not a person who wants to write 50 books a year–my brain doesn’t work that fast–although I’d love to be able to write that many. I usually get through two or three if I’m working really hard.

Right now I have a couple outlined for the coming year. Will I write them out? Mmmm, maybe. Right now it looks as if I will, and then I’ll make a vision board so I can see them on my wall each time I walk in the office, but who know what’ll happen tomorrow?

I’d love to write the kind of book that would make people say, “Have you read Susan’s book? You really should!” (I always did have a big imagination.)

But hey! Somebody once said, “If you can imagine it, you can do it,” didn’t they? I’m not sure who that was, but I like the guy 😉 because I can imagine a lot!

Another TC question–what’s your #1 resolution?

Pop on over and log in on the poll. I’d like to find out what other people are trying.