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So Long, Farewell . . .

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Our youth minister, Stony Capehart, who has been here at FC3 (First Christian Church C-Town) for 18 years, is leaving. And I really hate to see him go.

When I first knew him, the boy had long hair–shoulder length, maybe–which I absolutely adored. (Probably a throw-back to my youth when my parents totally disapproved of any guys who had hair past their ears.) Besides, he was the perfect “Jesus” for Easter pagents.

Stony had a ride to die for. (When I was at Ozark, most of the guy’s cars barely ran. LOL!) To be honest, I don’t know cars, but I think it might have been a Camero, and it was old enough that the engine was big and, although I never saw it,  I have a feeling that car could move. And he has a tat from when he rode bulls.  

Each year, Stony took our youth (and half the kids in town) on ski trips in winter and a trip in the summer. Always, always there was a deep spiritual overtone to the trips. (Yes, I’d love to have sponsored, but never did.)

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Stony has acted as more than a youth minister, as least in the last few years. He has wisdom, a sense of humor and a gentle way of passing along what he knows that makes him very easy to talk to. When Preacher Dave (our minister) learned his daughter had a brain tumor a few years ago, Stony stepped up and helped fill the gap while David was gone.

Our HEIC (Head Elder In Charge) Dick, spoke yesterday during the communion service about separation.  When Christians go different ways (when they die or move to a new town) it’s never “Goodbye.” It’s really, “Until we meet again,” because we will be together again. If not here on earth, then most certainly we’ll be together in heaven. At first, we thought he was talking about his wife, who’d been gone a week and had just come back. After the service, when Stony made his, “So long, farewell,” announcement, we learned what Dick the elder meant. 😦

It’s a sad time for the church family at FC3. But family never ends and love never dies. (After all, God is Love, and He can’t die, so in the book of this romance writer at least, Love can’t either.)

We’ll miss you, Capeharts. And if we don’t see you before then, let’s have a Great Big C-Town Party in Heaven!

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Wowed Wednesday, II

Another WOW! today, guys. I made it to Bible study again last night after having Mexican food with my man. (Chicken Fajitas without the wrappers.)

To begin, we went to a small group session (our first) and it was over way too fast. I learned so much. (Probably because I have so much to learn.)

Here’s a little of my new knowledge: Mama’s best friend, who lived across the street from us for years, isn’t from the town I thought she was from! What’s up with that?

Our youth minister’s wife is from the town in Missouri where all the best looking guys at church camp came from. 🙂

Okay, we learned way more than that. We learned what sweethearts some of the women in the group are, and just how much they care for others in their lives.

The video session was over almost before it started, it seemed. Beth said she’d have to turn cartwheels to keep our attention because we had to learn some things that were kind of dry. Not so!!!

Everyone in the room was glued to the screen. Beth has such depth of knowledge to share. But it’s not a look-at-me-I’m-so-brilliant kind of knowledge.

I’m not sure what to call it. Heart knowledge, maybe? Spiritual knowledge? From what I can tell, her greatest joy is in sharing Jesus.

Sadly, I overslept this morning (didn’t get up until 6) so my blog is late and I haven’t finished my homework. Yet.

I will though. 🙂

I’m going to share a Beth video with you. #4 sent it to me yesterday, and I watched it two or three times. It’s wonderful. Watch it all the way through if you have time, because she tells a great story about a man “who looked 129-years-old”.

#4 writes, “It’s a powerful story of being filled up with God.”

I want that, too.