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Still playing make believe.


Meet the G’dad

I have something really cute to show you. Wanna see?

This is my mom’s dad when he was a teenager. Isn’t he adorable? (I think he looks like Nephew Phillip.)

I love the chain going from under the tie to his shirt pocket. Makes me think he had a new pocket watch and couldn’t wait to put on his suit to wear it. He could have put it in his pant pocket, but then it wouldn’t show in the picture. 🙂

Granddad was in World War I, and just before he left for San Antonio, where he was stationed, he married Grandma. This is their wedding photo, taken in 1917.

Granddad was in his early twenties here. Are you loving his hairdo? I’m sure it disappeared as soon as he got in the army. 😉

This is the way I remember him looking. Some of my favorite things I remember about Granddad–

When I was little, he had a cool pickup (I remember it being a granite blue color) that went a-OOO-gah! If I remember right, it burned up in a well fire. 😦

Granddad loved to fish and take his grandkids fishing.

He nearly always wore a hat. Not a ball cap. A really cool hat.

Granddad’s hat–a fedora?

I’m not sure what it’s called, but I love it. (It hangs on my wall.) Granddad must have, too. He used it for shade, a fan, a swatter, and when in a pinch, he used it for an ashtray.

At one time or another, Granddad had a chicken farm near Tahlequah years ago, he worked in the oilfield, and more often than not, he farmed. (Often while working another job.) During the Great Depression, he went to another state and worked to support his family of seven (!) children.

One memory stands out in my mind. Once Sister Debbie and I stayed a week with G & G at their farm near Tahlequah. Granddad was working in his garden while Debbie and I climbed a tree. I was getting pretty brave, and had my feet higher than my head when the small branches I held onto snapped. I landed on Deb (she still claims she saved my life) and we both tipped, about to topple out of that tree, several feet to the ground.

Granddad saw us falling, dropped his hoe and raced across the garden to catch us both. I was impressed a guy that old could run so fast.

I remember going to church with him on that trip, too, and hearing him sing. Seems like he might have led the singing, too. (Maybe that’s where Brother Jeffrey got that talent!) And we fished in the Illinois River.

Do you have happy memories of your granddad (or mine) you can share?


11♥11♥11 (and a recipe)

Today is Veterans’ Day! *Salute*

Did you remember that Veterans’ Day is set on November 11th because it is also Armistice Day? That’s the day they signed the peace treaty after World War I.

Granddad Reeves was in World War I. (He only got as far as Austin, Texas, but he went!) Grandma Reeves brothers (twins) were in that war, too. There was a great picture of one of the uncles in uniform. One of those huge, old, oval pictures. Cousin Christy has that picture, I imagine. 🙂

Anyway, Grandma’s brothers were twins. I keep forgetting the one brother’s name, but the other was Louie. Louie came home from the war. The other brother (I’m sorry, Uncle!!) didn’t. He’s buried in Flanders Field in France.

And today is Faith Noelle Nation’s birthday! (Happy birthday, kiddo!) She’s the cutest, most talented, and smartest middle school cheerleader C-Town has. And I am just saying that because she’s my niece.


How about a GREAT recipe?  This one is from my sweet MIL. (That’s mother-in-law for the uninitiated.) Emily was one of the nicest MILs in the history of the world. And she was a heck of a cook!

Here’s a cheese roll she made for special occasions. Yummers!

Emily’s Spicy Cheese Roll 

 2 pounds Velveda Cheese–room temperature
8 ounces cream cheese–room temperature
1 jalepino pepper, finely chopped
2 tsp crushed red pepper
2 tsp garlic powder

Blend ingredients and roll into a log. Roll log in chili powder to cover. Serve with crackers.

I’m telling you, this is good stuff! I haven’t made it recently and can’t remember if you have to chill it before you serve it or not. I think it’ll be good chilled or room temperature.

Think I’ll make it for Thanksgiving and find out. 🙂