Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Branching Out

Ever notice that when you have something, that something ends up having you?

Get a car, and you’ll end up spending your time, taking care of upkeep and your dollars filling the tank. Or a dog–she’ll end up ruling the roost. (Happens that way at our house, anyway.)

What about your home? Whether you own your own house, rent one, live in an apartment, mobile home, cabin or a tent, you have to take care of it. (Unless you live under a bridge–in which case you probably won’t be reading this. LOL) Well, our yard decided to crack the whip recently.

 Not the best picture in the world, but that’s our front porch during a snow storm a couple of years ago.

 And this is the fall out from the trees in our yard. We’ve been collecting them for nearly a year, and our pile was looking really good. Seemed as if it grew even when we didn’t add to it. It was well on its way to taking over the neighborhood when it was decided that it couldn’t stay. Since it wouldn’t take off on its own (although the wind tried to blow it to the next yard . . . or county) we lended a hand. Well, G-Man did. 🙂 

He worked hard, loading branches and dead trees. I worked hard preserving the job for posterity.

This kid wandered past on his way home from work, so we talked him into helping. Not really! This is MS, who volunteered to help. Aren’t grown sons wonderful?

Of course, I saved everything for posterity. 🙂

Here’s the monster tree that laid down in a blustery storm last winter. He weighed about two tons, so G-Man dragged him off the trailer using a chain. Hey, my hands were full of camera! LOL.

After the branches were gone, we worked the rest of the day loading up and hauling away leaves. I’m not sure what was going on in that pile, but they multiplied faster than the trees could drop them. 

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Oh, and I won the prize that day. I got a beautiful little seed tick on the back of my knee. And while I didn’t actually get to keep him, I did get a unending itch to scratch for what seemed like forever. 😉

Honestly, I’m so excited about getting to work in my gardens. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen out there in the next few weeks.

I’m hoping for a whole lot of this!



Must Obey the Queen!

Molly has a new goal in life.

She’s our rescue Yorkie, and as I’ve mentioned before, she’s the Queen of the Castle around here. For some reason, Queen Molly noticed G-Man going to bed before I did the night of the big snow storm. She must have decided it was too cold for me to be up, so she barked. And barked.

Not her soft little whisper barks, either. They were sharp, “Get with it!” barks. 

And every night since, she’s sharpened her approach.

Last night G-Man headed up, and I watched Ms. Queenie, who was snoozing on the couch. She heard the doggie gate close and came instantly awake. Jumping off the couch, she stalked around a moment, circled, then started telling me what to do.She circles and barks, “Time to go to bed.”


As soon as I get up, she dashes for the gate.

Where she circles some more. (Makes you wonder why she doesn’t get dizzy, doesn’t it?)

She gets very serious. Very, very serious! “If you don’t open this gate and go to bed right now, I might bite you on the ankle, and in a week or so when you notice that bite, you could get really upset.

So I open the gate and she flies up the stairs, moving too quickly to get a pic. First she stops in one of the boy’s rooms and eyes the bed. I tell her, “No way, Jose!”  

This is Madame Queen in her “bed” I made for her upstairs from a towel. Apparently it doesn’t make her happy enough, because when I got up this morning at 4 am, I found her downstairs.

Doing this–

Back on the couch where she was when all this started, taking a royal snooze.

Does anyone else let their critters take over and rule their homes? Are we the only people who have a pooch who is the boss and thinks she should be the TV star?

Are we the only people in the world who believe it when their dog tells them they’ll be sorry if they don’t obey???