Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Wowed Wednesday!

I was so wowed by all the Valentine celebrators and celebratees yesterday!

I especially loved seeing the flowers that bloomed on various desks and around town where hubbies made good with their wives on VD.

I’m not sure what #1 and #3 sons did to celebrate, but I saw the arrangement #2 sent his honey, and he got a BIG THUMBS UP FROM ME! (Good job, kiddo!) And I didn’t see what she gave him, but #2’s wife used my car to collect all the goodies she was giving him and take them to him yesterday.

My man and I went in to T-Town last night and ate at Red Lobster. (Fell off the diet, but climbing right back on with a vengeance today!)

We had a WOW! inspiring fog yesterday, too. The news called it a Freezing Fog, because it froze to any surface it touched. Trees were gorgeous with ice making all their branches stark white.

Miss Molly went running outside to go potty, slipped on the slick bricks and fell on her tail. Got up, turned around and came back inside. Then she gave me The Look. “Forget going outside. That’s for the birds.” LOL.

I heard the Freezing Fog made the roads as slick as my bricks, and there was a bottleneck wreck between C-Town and the Small Town to the North. Estimates of the number of cars involved were from eight to thirteen.

The differences in the stories deserves a WOW if nothing else.

And I’m wowed because I missed my first Bible study (sorry Beth Moore!) this week. I’m hoping the ladies will let me make it up. I absolutely love my Bible study and all the ladies I see there, but I have to spend Valentine’s Day evening with my man!

Did anything make you say “WOW” today?



V Day Flunkee

I have a horrible confession to make. I’m flunking Valentine’s Day this year.

What does a woman who’s been married a loooong time and who’s a romance writer blog about for Valentine’s Day? Probably not what you’d think. 🙂

I glanced around to see what some of my favorite blogs were talking about today. (Yes, I was hoping to rip someone off get an idea.)

One talked about making cupcakes. Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing. Warning she doessn’t give a recipe (maybe it’s a mix). She did show us how pretty they are and make me hungry. 😦

Since I have a wedding next month for which I’m trying to lose a few pounds, thanks, but no thanks.

I went to another one with a whole bunch of Big Name romance authors. No joy there.

A guest writes about the great time he had, going to the Sundance Film Festival. Sadly, he didn’t even mention SEEING Robert Redford. 😦  😦

Why bother? (I asked him if he got to chat with Bob while he was there. I’ll let you know if he answers me.)

And then I went to a blog with even more Big Name romance writers. Big Name romance writer, Sabrina Jeffries, is talking about When It Sucks to be a Romance Writer.

Funny, I’ve never known a romance writer who’s all that romantic. I’ve found that most of them are too busy writing to remember what day it is.

I’m not even a very good VD mom.

  • I don’t have any cards from when my kids were small to show you, although I’m sure I’ve saved some in a box somewhere.
  • I haven’t mailed my kids cards this year. (I think I sent them cards last year with Starbucks gift cards in them.)
  • I probably won’t call them and tell them happy VD. And I doubt if they’ll call me.

Not my kids’.

 I did buy some heart shaped chocolate candies for my man, but I put them in a jar with a lock down top to slow me down from eating them. (I should put a sign on them, “Remember the wedding.” Or set a mouse trap inside.)

I’ll think of something wonderful for dinner tonight. I’m sure I will. And G-Man will smile and act as if he likes what I cook . . . but how many ways can you cook chicken breasts? And after awhile, salad is just . . . salad.

I think I’ll give him that bowl of heart shaped Cheerios for breakfast they show in the commercial. Or is it a heart shaped bowl of Cheerios?  Oh, well.

I did find a really cool card online to show you.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

What are you doing to celebrate? Warning: Any ideas you have might be ripped off borrowed.


God Created them, Large and Small

Sunday afternoon, after church, I went to College City to help G-Man with the mobile home our boys lived in while going to school there. We’re trying to get it ready to sell and it needed a little work done. (Anybody need a place for your kids to live while their at OSU, let me know!)

While we were there, BB brought his “baby” by to see us. And since he helped out on the house, Ludo and I had a little photo shoot.

This is his noble look.

Sister Amy got a very special birthday/birthday/Valentine’s Day gift.

I call her Mini-Me.

Mini-Me is so small, I worry about her when she’s left to run around the office. I’m afraid she’ll get stepped on. (Besides, when she sneaks into a cousin’s office to potty, guess who gets to clean up.)

Ludo is so big, I’m afraid he’ll step on me. If you look up the definition of gentle giant in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of this guy. He’s the world’s sweetest dog!

This is the world’s feistiest dog. She’s always playing, jumping, moving, chasing. She’s never still unless she’s asleep. (Makes it hard for me to focus my camera!)

He’s so shy and docile, it’s amazing.

When Little Bit goes outside, she finds the biggest branch she can get her mouth around and tries to drag it inside with her.

This is Ludo with his chew toy. (There’s a knot on there the size of my head.)

This is the miniature critter with her tiny rubber bone.

In case you’re wondering, no, we haven’t had these two babies together. I’m afraid Ludo will yawn and Mini-Me will disappear. Or Mini-Me will chase up behind Ludo and he’ll sit on her. Oops!

I marvel when I remember how God made us all so different. Varied. No two people alike anymore than these two hounds are.

The good thing is, He loves us all. Every one. No matter how different we are.

Even more than a mother loves her new, longed for infant.  More than a hen loves her chicks. More than a miser loves his money.

There’s no way to describe how much He loves us or how many times he’ll forgive us. He just does.