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Still playing make believe.


From The KOTV Vault: Kids Decorate Baby’s Grave With Christmas M – – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |

They showed this on Channel 6 this morning.

From The KOTV Vault: Kids Decorate Baby’s Grave With Christmas M – – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |.

Made me cry. I didn’t sob, but if G-Man hadn’t been eating breakfast next to me, I probably would have.

Yeah, I know. I’m an easy crier. 🙂 I’m not crying for the baby. That baby girl went straight to Jesus’s arms, so what’s to cry about? I am crying for the mama whose baby died, and then she had to move away. Oh, how that must have hurt her heart.

The baby was born/died in 1906, one hundred six years ago. I wonder if the mama lived a long life with lots of happy, laughing children around her? I hope so.

I wonder if she always mourned that sweet baby girl? I hope so.

I wonder, when she grew old and bent, if she wanted to go back to Eldorado, Oklahoma, to be buried near her baby girl? I hope so.

AND I hope when that mama got to Heaven, she went straight into Jesus’s arms and found her baby girl, still nestled there.

I don’t write historical romances, but if I did, I’d have to include this story in one. And if I did, I’m pretty sure I’d still have to cry.


♥ Wedding Days ♥

A long, long time ago in a world far, far away . . .  No, wait. That can’t be true It was really just last week, wasn’t it?

When I left Ozark Bible College (now Ozark Christian College) I went to school in Tulsa at Draughon’s School of Business. Mom had just opened our dress shop, Four Seasons, the year before while I was at OCC, so naturally, I studied fashion merchandising.

While there, I got to be really good friends with Mary.

Mary was fun to hang with and so very talented! We soon became really good friends. Several months later, she did me one of the biggest favors of my life–she set me up on a blind date with G-Man.

For our first date was to be with Mary and the man she married a week after I married G-Man. Although I’d never met either one of the guys, they came to pick me up first because the house Mary stayed in was hard to find.

The night was cold and windy, and I lived in an apartment building built in a huge square, so when the wind blew, it just kept on going around and around.

I wasn’t quite ready when they got there (not exactly a surprise, huh?)  so I called through the door (and very sweetly!) “Just a minute.”

Then I hurried. I sure didn’t want to go out with a pair of icicles.  

We had to drive a while to get to Mary’s house. I’d only been there once and I hadn’t written down the directions, but after a few wrong turns we found it. We were too late to go to the movie we’d planned to see, so we went to the Power Plant and danced.

We’re talking ancient history here, and Power Plant is long gone. But we had a lot of fun. The next night we went to the movie, then I didn’t hear from him again for a L-O-N-G time. Ten whole days (or so.)

When he finally asked me out again (He said he’d been calling and I hadn’t answered. We’ll never know for sure, will we?) he was smart enough to request the next date while we were out together.

He passed the trial by fire when he came to Christmas at Grandmother’s house. That was the day every year when Grandmother’s 4 kids, 19 grandkids and you-count-’em-I-can’t satelite relatives (spouses and kids and whoever else showed up) celebrated together.

G-Man made it through with flying colors. And five months later . . .

This was a candid shot, not planned by anyone. We’d just walked out of the sanctuary full of people, and I thought we had a quick moment alone. Caught by the photographer! (One of my favorite pictures!)

Here’s another– The only time I came close to crying was at that moment. I wish I had Sister Deb’s picture of that same moment. Dad is instructing her about something just before they walk down the aisle. He’s waving his index finger as he speaks. Visible is his shortened fourth finger, which he’d lost a portion of a few weeks earlier.

G-Man and I had a very small wedding. There were just a lot of people there. 🙂 I wanted to get married at home, but Mom said no. Then I wanted to get married in the church chapel. Again, Mom nixed it. After that, I wanted to just have family (which in our clan makes for a lot of people.) Mom decided “family” meant the entire church family (with my approval, of course) and put the invitation in our church paper.

At least the reception was at home–along with everyone who was at the wedding. Luckily the arrangement of our house made it easy to move through a huge crowd of people.

I had so much fun at the reception! It was like having a giant party with all our closest friends. 🙂 Every wedding should be that much fun.

Here’s a picture of me and my sisters just before the wedding.

 From the left–Cindy, Lisa, Susan and Amy in front of me, and Debbie.

That was then. This is now. (Well, last year.)

From the left–Cindy, Susan, Amy in front of me, and Lisa. (Deb was missing that day.)