Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Take Me Back

One of the best things about being Alpha to a crew of six sibs is you have an excuse to go back and enjoy. Yesterday I revisited a couple of things that took me right back to happy days of “yore”. Three, actually. (I love doing that. It keeps me young! Or at least it keeps me thinking young.)

First, I took my niece’s one-year-old adorable son to the store with me. He didn’t act like my kids did when I took them to the store. He was really good!

My kids were good, but were much more active while riding in the cart. And they wanted M & Ms, even when they were his age.

This kiddo was sweet and quiet and didn’t whine for anything. The hard part, though, was getting him into and out of his car seat.

Oh! My! Stars!!!

You need to be a magician to get all those straps and buckles hooked. I need something simple, like a bar that just drops over the baby’s head and clicks into place. Think about the last time you rode a roller coaster. Something easy like that would work for me!

I’m telling you, most of the time I was at the store was spent trying to hitch that baby up.

Second: I went to the middle school pep assembly. Took me back to my first pep assembly. Wow. We were in a different school, it had a different format, we didn’t have nearly as many cheerleaders, and the moves were way different! (No lifts back then.)

But I remember the nerves. The terror of having a bunch of kids watch as you try to remember the words as well as the moves. Hoping you don’t trip and fall on your face while everyone laughs.

In case you’re wondering, falling never happened to me, but I was always afraid it would. LOL.

Third: Middle of the afternoon football. Okay, it wasn’t the middle of the afternoon, but the sun was shining bright in the sky when the middle school games started last night. (I was channeling Grandmommy and went to watch my cheerleader niece/”granddaughter”.)

Just being there reminded me of when I played powder puff football back in the day. I loved it.

So. Much. Fun!

So. Glad. It’s. Past!

This is a picture of the powder puff team I was on. I’m the one with white bobby sox. LOL. I “borrowed” the picture from Shelley Geyer’s Facebook page. (Thanks, Shelley!)

So, what have you done lately to take you back?

Do you remember when you were a kid? Or would you be happier to just forget? 🙂


Playing Ball

There’s a video you need to watch. It’s on a website call Godvine, and is about opposing high school softball teams.

For a long time, I’ve been a little irritated by high school sports. Too many parents who want to run the show. Too many kids who think they’re going pro at any moment. Too much ego. Too much.

I’d forgotten something else. If done right, sports can teach kids the game of life. How to live like you mean it. How to treat others like you want to be treated. How to allow the Spirit to shine, on the field and off.

I don’t know how to post this video, but in a dog-eat-dog world, it’s really too good to miss. Please, check it out. Click here.  

Watch it and tell me what you think about it. What would you have done if you’d been the girls on the other team?