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Still playing make believe.


Christmas is Coming (and there’s nothing we can do about it.)

How’s your December going? Everything on schedule? All decorated and wrapped, just waiting for the big guy to make his appearance?

Is anybody out there waving your hand, yelling, “Me! Me! Me!”? If so, come on over to my house.

I need help.

(Big surprise.) (Not.) 😀

One thing I am staying on top of is my daily reading, “The Greatest Gift” by Ann Voskamp. I have to fight myself to keep from reading ahead.

If I ever met this woman, I’ll have to give her a big hug.

I do have one tree up and decorated. It’s the wild tree with ornaments from friends and from my kiddos when they were small and ones I’ve made and they’ve made. It’s my favorite tree.

My other tree is also my favorite tree. It has Grandmother’s ornaments on it. And some antique ornaments I’ve collected. I can’t share it with you today because it’s not up yet.

I will share some of my ornaments from my Everything Tree. They aren’t my favorites, because I don’t have favorites. Trying to chose the one I like best would be like trying to choose the friend I liked best. Or my favorite Bible verse. I just can’t do it.

But I can share some with you.

treeThis one was made by a friend.


A can lid, turned into a beautiful tree by one of my kiddos. (Trash to Treasure. A miracle of Christmas.)


Another treasure, made by one of my kiddos.


Dirty Santa ornament exchange with my writing sisters. I love, love, love these.


Three of my best gifts ever–Danny, Matt and Brad.


A friend was taking a stained glass class the year I got this one. It’s too heavy for a “real” tree, so I had to start buying fake ones just so it could be on it. 😀


From my secret sister once, years and years ago. That friend was a sweetheart and I miss her terribly.


I bought this bunch of unbreakable ornaments the year Danny was 11 months old on Christmas. The still give me a smile.

I have OSU ornaments from when my boys were in college, a dog and cat ornament because we’re pet people, and lots of stars. I love stars. They’re a great reminder. Read Philippians 2:15 and see if you can guess just one of the reasons why. Of course, you’ll need to read it in the New International Version to see what I’m talking about. 😉

My absolute favorite thing at Christmas? The best gift. The best feeling. The best anything?

There's only one gift better than this.

There’s only one gift better than this.


The gift of salvation.

Any hints for getting everything done, finished, baked, wrapped and gorgeous before Dec. 24th? I need all the help I can get!




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Trapped in a Tube

MRI tube, that is. And I survived.

Okay, for all you who worried yesterday that I’d get stuck in the MRI machine (my hand’s in the air) it didn’t happen! Yay!

It was a smallish tube (breathe) and right in front of my face was the curve of the tube. I have to take a deep breath just remembering it.


But there were several perks. I got to wear a beautiful, side tying, designer formal hospital gown. (I should have taken my phone with me so I could take a selfie in it. Too cute!)


This is what it looked like.


This is what it felt like. 🙂

And I received a gorgeous, multi-colored pair of ear plugs.

I met some really nice people at the Imaging Center. Of course, one woman knew someone who lives in C-Town. (All roads lead to my home town.)

A man named Phil helped me out. Got me the gown, locked up my clothes (so I couldn’t run away?) and talked me through most of it. But when he had an emergency bathroom break, I chatted with Lori, too.

Big thanks to Sister Debbie who drove me over and kept me entertained so I didn’t dwell on the worries, such as, Will I get stuck? Will the machine break and keep me pinned inside? Will I run out of oxygen and not be able to take . . . another . . . breath . . . . eve . . . . . Will I give myself the screaming memes and run out of the room with my hospital gown flapping?

Even though I had a few niggling 🙂 worries, none of that happened.  🙂

When it was over and I was released, I offered to look at the results (LOL) but they didn’t have the films ready.

I had a swell lunch (sorry, I’m listening to an old movie with old terms being used) at Pei Wei. (First time for me.) THEN Sister Debbie took me to Peach Wave and forced me to eat frozen yogurt.


That frozen yogurt made it worth every second of the twenty minutes I was trapped in the tube. 🙂