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Snow Day!

Okay, it’s not really a snow day in the strictest sense. I think I can still drive to work without being in danger of sliding off the road, but it’s a snowy day.

snow-in-the-hoodIt’s been so long before we had much snow, I’m excited to get whatever comes down.

snow-deckNot much yet, but still it’s white. And cold. And wet. 🙂

snow-fenceRemember when you were a kid and they called off school because of the snow? Wasn’t it fun?

Mom made hot chocolate for us. We’d dress warm and go outside to play, play, play. Then we’d come in, take off our wet clothes and drink the chocolate and warm up in front of the fireplace.

As soon as we got warm, we were ready to go out again. And mom let us.

She never complained about the wet floors or the extra laundry she had to do. (Who wants to put on cold wet clothes to go out and play?)

Once in a while, if she didn’t have babies too small to go out, Mom would dress warm, go out and help us make a snowman or have a snowball fight with us.

Coolest mom ever!

Read more about her here: Snowing and Blowing.

Our dad was pretty cool, too. Read about the sled he built for us kids and all the fun he and his friends had with it, here. “Sleddy Memories”

Guess I’ll call work and see how the roads are looking. Wonder if schools are out today?

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Snow Time

Are your fingers crossed?

Mine are!

Why? I just saw the weather forecast for tomorrow and we have a 70% chance of getting a wintery mix. WOOHOO! I’m really hoping the storm’s path will shift and drop a foot or two of snow on Okie Land.

Did I hear you groan? Stop it! We need snow.


Lots of snow.


Tons and tons of snow!!!snowed in bird house


  • Cold weather kills off bugs and creepy crawlies that live in our world.

But that’s not the only reason I want it.

  • We badly need moisture. (Keystone Lake is looking like Keystone Mud Puddle.)

dad's-lake-viewOkay, in some places it’s starting to look like a mud puddle.

But the real reason I want to get snow? Lots of snow. Tons and tons of snow? Enough snow to say I was snowed in?

Because if I were snowed in, I’d have time. (Snow time is so much more fun than regular time, isn’t it?)

Time to write without watching the clock.

Time to snit when I run out of words in my head. 🙂

Time to sit in front of the fireplace and snuggle with my honey.

Time to sit in front of the fireplace and read!

And I’d eat a ton of popcorn. 🙂

As long as we don’t lose power, I could stand it for oh, I don’t know. Three or four days even!

What would you do if you had time?





I’m Missing

I’ve noticed there’s something we’ve been missing this winter. Do you know what it is? I’ll bet you can guess.

So far, this winter we’ve been missing winter.

Remember in the past when snow used to fall out of the sky in big old flakes?

  When you looked out the window, everything was covered with the white stuff?And you felt as if you had to feed the birds? Even the ones who only eat on the ground?I miss that this year. I miss snowmen and snowball fights, too. And skiing! Not that we skied here in Okie-Land, but I thought I’d mention it. 🙂

Do you remember when your dad used to tie your sled to the back of the car and pull you around town?

I do.

Do you remember seeing sleds all tied together to make a train, being pulled by a pickup?

I do.

Do you remember when your husband used to pull your kids’ sled behind your brother’s motorcycle? Or drag them through the snow?

 I do.

And I remember snow days (no school) and coming in from playing in the snow, freezing, and warming up in front of the fireplace with your fingers burning and itching so you could barely stand it. And Mama never complained, even when we wanted to go right back out again as soon as we were warm.

I remember the joy of watching a child discover snow for the first time. And I remember Snow Ice Cream. Do you? I only remember Mama making it once. We still lived in The Ford back then. Mama took a huge bowl outside (I remember being sad because she left me inside 😦 with only Grandmother and Dad and Granddad) and filled it heaping full with sparkling clean snow.

I don’t have her exact recipe. When I asked her about it, she said, “You just add milk, sugar and vanilla and stir it all up. But we can’t make it anymore. Remember? . . . ”

Apparently, everyone decided we’d get radiation sickness from the fallout, left in the air by bomb testing back in the day. Since I haven’t heard of any of those ugly bombs being used or even tested lately, I think it might be safe to try it today.

So . . . somebody tell me how to make snow ice cream the way my mama did. Or even  the way your mama did. And if we ever get enough snow again, I’ll give it a shot. 🙂


When It Snows

It snowed last week–at least here in Okie-Land. Beautiful coming down, stuck to the yards and grass but not the road.

That’s the kind of snow I love!

But to be honest, I think it might make people do weird things.

When I headed for work a little late that next morning, I saw the strangest sight. It was a car on my right in the grass between the highway and the fence (the part the state keeps mowed most of the summer) driving like a bat escaping the fiery depths, parallel to the road in the opposite direction.

The car fishtailed and spun out several times while I could see it. Once I glanced in my rearview mirror to see it speed over a jump like the Dukes of Hazzard. I saw a flash of sky beneath the car, then dirt and snow flying in the air.

Mere seconds later, all the cars on the highway behind me pulled onto the shoulder. I wasn’t sure why. Did whoever was driving that car land in a deep ditch back that way? Or had they tried to get onto the highway and forced everyone off?

I’m a pretty curious person, but not curious enough to turn around and go back. I headed on into C-Town. As I passed Wally-World, I met a highway patrol car with its lights flashing.

When I turned down the street where I park, I met the ambulance with its lights flashing.

I haven’t heard what happened (does anyone know?) but my husband had to run home to get a tool he needed for work and he said there was a highway patrol, an ambulance, a firetruck and several cars pulled off the road right where I saw all the excitement.

Terminally Curious is killing me.

Then Saturday night, we ate at the Outback in T Town. When we left, we headed north on Riverside. Almost immediately we were passed by a Ford Mustang, moving fast and weaving in and out of traffic. Right behind him was a highway patrol car with his lights flashing.

The Mustang didn’t stop. We watched and in just a few seconds, the ‘Stang turned left, near (or into) the casino. The hi-po followed right behind. Almost immediately we saw another hi-po running hot (lights flashing) coming from the other direction, turn in the same place. Another was close behind. Then at least two City police cars.

From Riverside to the River isn’t very far. I had to wonder if they were running flat-out through neighborhoods and parking lots or if they whole bunch had taken a swim.

All the snow must have melted, though, because Sunday everything had gone back to normal. 🙂

I can’t wait to see what’ll happen the next time it snows.


Snow World

Taken in Megeve, France

Image via Wikipedia

You’ll never guess what happened at my house!

It snowed! To be very honest, I kind of like the snow. (Don’t start throwing thing. Please!)

Being a skier since my oldest was a baby, I really don’t mind the snow. (I haven’t skied since I got my new hip, but I’m planning to go back before too long. Maybe.)

This morning, though, the snow-world was extra special. Out my back door is a lot filled with trees. All those trees’ branches and stems were encased in ice. When I opened the door to let Queen Molly out just as the sun was beginning to come up, the world *sparkled!* (It was -2 degrees outside, so she’s lobbying for an indoor potty. I don’t blame her.)

I took these pics with my iPhone. Sorry, I couldn’t get the bling on the trees to show up for you, but just try to imagine it. The sun shining through the clear ice, highlighting each and every twig.  

Cookout, anyone?

Yes, it’s very cold out–below freezing. (In the Pioneer Woman’s hometown, it was nearly 30 below this morning. THIRTY BELOW!)

But this happens so seldom, why not just enjoy it? Take a picture so you won’t forget the beauty, write down the scary low temperature so you won’t forget what year it was that we had that low down temp and celebrate?

You might want to stop and thank God–For that spouse you can snuggle with and stay warm. For that house that needs painting and fixing, but keeps you out of the elements. For friends who care about you and check in on you and pray for you.

Oh! G-Man just looked out. The sun is shining and it’s snowing again. Tiny, tiny flakes, sparkling like glitter as it swirls down.

What a fantastic, gorgeous and amazing world you’ve given us, Lord. I’m just wild about You!