Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


My Amazing Weekend

G-Man and I spent the weekend in OKC at the Embassy Suites on Meridian. We had a great time! 🙂 He went so he could complete his continuing education for 2013. (Yay, it’s over!)

I went so I could write without interruptions. (Yay! I finished my story!!!)

As usual, I saw some amazing things while we were there. (IOW: Here’s more proof I’m from a Small Town World.)

We met a couple. They were so nice and willing to help if we had a question. They told us where to order great pizzas and get them delivered, and always had a smile for us whenever we saw them.

When I had to check out of the room two hours before G-Man’s classes were over, I told him I’d be waiting in a certain nook to meet him. Guess who was there. That’s right! This nice lady. (Her husband was the pharmacist.) We chatted the entire two hours away, so the wait was over in no time!

I’m always amazed when I meet nice people like that when I’m away from home. (Naturally, they were from a Small Town World, too!)

The second thing wasn’t so cool. In fact, it was really, really sad. We got gas before we left town and while G-Man pumped it, I waited in the car. I saw a woman and man walking across the gas station lot.

This woman was dressed in hip hugging shorts and a sleeveless top and boots. Kind of strange, because it was chilly at that time of day. I don’t remember what the man had on, but he had his hand under her shirt as if he’d been scratching her back.

They went inside the station, then she came out by herself with a pack of cigarettes and lit one up. As she stood outside, smoking, I saw her legs. They had tiny circular brown scars on them. (The kind users get from injecting with unclean needles.)

I went inside to get us drinks, and she came in (I guess she was mingling) then went back outside to stand near a man who’d driven up in a huge black Ram truck, using the phone. (I was surprised to see anyone on a pay phone. What, no cell?)

Anyway, I must have had a “look” on my face, because the cashier laughed at it. I apologized because I really didn’t mean to let anyone see what was going on inside my head.

“Don’t worry about it,” she answered. “I have that look every day. We have them (hookers) in Florida where I’m from, too, but we don’t have as many as there are here.”

She verified what I was afraid of. The shorts wearing woman was a hooker. (Yes, I gasped inside.)

She was first one I’ve ever seen up close and known for sure what she was. And while she smiled and looked at people as they walked by, the smile never reached her eyes.

She certainly wasn’t Sara from Two Mules for Sister Sara. She didn’t look happy or playful or like she enjoyed her life. She didn’t look like she was having any fun at all.

I know I’m weird, but my heart hurt for her.

Naturally, I’m hoping she’s an undercover policeman, looking to make arrests. They can make those leg scars with make up, can’t they?

According to the cashier, that’s not likely. I’ve named her Sara. God knows who I’m talking about, so I’m going to pray that someone will reach out to her and tell her about Him.

And just maybe, she’ll listen.

The other amazing thing was beautiful.

We were on I-35 on the way home, just before we exited at Stillwater.

The sun was down and the sky almost dark when I saw the strangest shooting star of my life. It streaked on forever and went from bright to dim to bright to dim to bright before it disappeared completely.

It was so beautiful, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I told G. He said the European Space Station was due to fall (he enjoys reading the news, I only enjoy it if there are people involved) so maybe that was what I saw.

Whatever it was, it was fantastic! Bright and shiny and beautiful. So gorgeous, I didn’t remember to make a wish.

So that’s my amazing weekend. How was yours?