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Still playing make believe.


Yard Shoot

While we were in Arkansas last weekend, I took a lot of pretty-leaves-from-a-distance pictures. I never thought about what closeups would look like. Then I read a blog where a woman said taking random closeup shots of fall leaves was good for her soul.

I loved her pictures and wanted to try it. Our leaves aren’t that gorgeous this year. And I don’t have a ton of time for going out to find them.

When I came home yesterday, I decided to try it anyway, and stay in my own backyard. I kind of like the results.

See what you think.

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I also took pictures of my one remaining tomato plant.

I had two plants here, back in the spring. After they’d grown a while, they looked like this–

Then one of the plants ate the other one, and now he looks like this.

I keep my fingers crossed that he won’t eat Molly when she’s out playing in the yard. So much plant, so little fruit. 🙂


Annual Spring Whine

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I’m confused. (I know. Not a new condition.)

Here it is, the end of March. Right? There’s only one day left of this month, and it’s cold outside. C-O-L-D! I could still see my breath when I walked down the street one day this week.

It was so cold last weekend, I couldn’t make myself go outside to blow leaves out of my garden. And it drizzled on me. Who can deal with a ton of leaves in a cold drizzle???

In case you’re wondering, I don’t get rid of leaves in the fall on purpose. God sends those puppies to insulate tender plants in my garden that might freeze to death. I know it works because every weed that was there last summer is alive and healthy today. LOL.

Yes, I’ve lived in Oklahoma all my life. I should be use to weird weather. I am use to it, and I’m use to whining about it. 😉

I’m so ready to get out and work in my garden. Ready to put baby plants in the groud and watch the grow. Dig up old plants that have done their due.

Ready to eat fresh tomatoes out of somebody’s garden.  Anybody’s garden. Mine, yours, that other guys. Whoever can grow them earliest outside a greenhouse. (Greenhouses just take the flavor out of tomatoes, don’t they?)  

I’m ready for the sun to warm up and shine on me. And on blossoms.

Ever notice how much better lilac blooms smell when they’re warmed by the sun rather than shivering in the chilled air? It’s true! I sniffed one on my walk yesterday afternoon and I could barely smell it. (Couldn’t have been my allergies blocking the scent. Right?)

What plans for around your house do you have for springtime? How about dreams? Want to share?