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Still playing make believe.


What Is It?

Anybody know what this is?

I’ve had it for quite awhile. So long that I’m not sure where I got it. Either at The Little House in Pryor Creek (one of my two absolute fav places at that time for cool old stuff) or at Grandmother’s house when I lived there.

I don’t know what it is. It looks like a picture to hang on the wall with a really thick frame. But (gasp/wink) it opens!

On the inside of the lid is a mirror.

The bottom of the box is divided. The back is covered with cardboard. That old gray-colored card stuff. I know that probably means it’s not old or was inexpensive to start with, but I don’t care. I love it.

Does anybody know?

Is it a picture box? Glove or handkerchief  box?  A place to hide jewelry? Money?

Can somebody tell me?


What’s Up With That?

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Terminally Curious posting today.

Back when Baby Boy was just a year-and-a-half old (or so) we bought a pharmacy in Pryor Creek (don’t you love that name?) and moved our family seventy miles away to that town on the other side of the Big City. 

We loved the people in PC, and especially loved our church there. The people we were friends with were very loving, kind, and good to us. I still count many of them as dear friends. As much as I adore C-Town, it was hard to leave PC and come home.  

But we joined two of my sisters 

(In the picture–One of my sisters and various nieces and a nephew.)

and my brother in C-Town after many years of everyone (eventually parents AND kids) working at the store. #1 son had started college by then, so he stayed in Pryor Creek. 😦

We moved into Grandmother’s house, next door to Dad.  Two or three years later, Sister Cindy and her crew moved in with Dad. (He had four bedrooms–plenty of room for Sister C, her DH and her brood!)

A year or so after that, Pops moved to The Ford.

So check this out. Dad has six kids. Five are living near him, and he moves away? 

Terminally Curious is wondering, What’s up with that???

Okay, yes, he moved back to the town where he was born and grew up. 

Yes, he remarried and moved in with his wife.

And yes, he only moved twenty or so miles away. And he still comes to work (where most of us spend our time) nearly every day.

And comes back every week for church.

But I’m still wondering why he moved.

What’s up with that?     

Looks like he’s keeping a secret, doesn’t he?