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So when I’m getting ready in the morning, I like to listen to stuff on my computer. Usually, it’s Wednesdays with Beth Moore.

But the other day, I googled “Write Fast” and found a group of videos on YouTube by Marie Forleo. Good stuff!

It’s a vlog (video log) about how to live life the way you want it to be. Turns out, the woman has a whole series of wonderful videos.

She uses a lot of words that aren’t in my day-to-day conversations such as manifesting, meditating and spirituality.

Have you ever heard of manifesting things in your life? I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary. No go.

Here’s what Free Dictionary on Google had to say–

 To show or demonstrate plainly; reveal: “Mercedes . . . manifested the chaotic abandonment of hysteria” (Jack London).

2. To be evidence of; prove.


a. To record in a ship’s manifest.
b. To display or present a manifest of (cargo).
Uh, hello? Well, that didn’t help.
I read farther and saw something about a ghost. When a ghost appears, it is manifesting. (See if you can guess why I didn’t know that. LOL)
Marie is talking about having faith and real belief. Meditating is praying. And when she questions the “universe” she talking to God (whether she knows it or not.) 🙂
Even though she’s from New Jersey (New Jersey! Get a rope–remember that salsa commercial?) I enjoy hearing what she has to say. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s good stuff to remember.
Here’s one of her vlogs. (Random choice.) Check her out–
So, now if I can manifest enjoyment in exercising and cleaning and losing weight, I’ll be a happy camper. Happier camper? 🙂



Ever wonder if you confuse God?

Yesterday, C-Town had a big hoop-la. Big one. Sirens sounded up and down the street. People were evacuated from their homes.

What’s going on?

Naturally, Terminally Curious reared her little head, so Omega and I went to the C-Town American Newspaper to find out what was going on.

Because the sweet woman who runs the office isn’t one to spread unfounded rumors, she couldn’t tell us much . . . until the editor’s mom called. When she wanted to know what was going on, the office lady told what she’d heard (ie: spilled her guts) and, unashamed, we listened.

More rumors filtered in. What’s the first thing you do when you hear about something wild going on around you?

I prayed.

We heard that an ex-husband (or ex-boyfriend or ex-friend, depending on where you heard it) had kicked in a door and was holding a woman and their child hostage. Here’s where I might have confused the Lord. I prayed for this woman and her child and they didn’t even exist!

Since I doubt I’m capable of confusing the Lord, maybe I gave Him a chuckle. “There she goes again, praying for someone who isn’t.”

And I prayed for people who weren’t even involved. We heard a “possible” name about who the guy was (it wasn’t) so I prayed for that guy, his wife and kiddo. I don’t know them (at least he existed and had a wife and child) but I figured God did, and that’s what’s important. Right?

Then my Famous Author BIL came to the office to pick up Omega, and we heard a whole new story. Yup, more prayers for non-existent and non-involved people.

Famous Author BIL

Famous Author BIL

And some our local police were wearing pink t-shirts (for breast cancer awareness. I love our cops!) so I prayed for them when I spotted a pink shirt. At least those prayers were on target! 🙂


So what do you think? When a person (clears throat) prays for someone who doesn’t exist or who isn’t really in the trouble being prayed about, do you think it confuses God or makes Him laugh?

At least no one was injured at all yesterday, and all the police-type people in the area got to put on their armor and get all their toys and practice for the next time a problem like that comes up.

BTW: The really-truly story of what happened was b-o-r-I-n-g. But the afternoon was exciting! 🙂






Babies are Springing Up All Over

Have I mentioned that the Spess Clan is growing with leaps and bounds? We got two new additions just recently and wow! Those nieces of mine did a fantastic job!!!

260277_586836311348945_527513799_nThese are Kendal’s two children. AKA–Sister Cindy’s grandchildren. (Well, two of them.)  Aren’t they adorable???

954820_597685926930650_1539731043_nHere’s Cindy’s granddaughter with her daddy. The love just radiates, doesn’t it?

happy babyBeautiful Kendal with her baby girl.

941829_590261407673102_455470_nI don’t know that I’ve seen a happier baby e-v-e-r! I makes me grin just to see her pictures. (I haven’t had a chance to love on her yet. But when I get my great-aunt time, look out!)


This is her great-grandmother holding her. Her granddaddy is there in the background.


This is Niece Ashley and her crew. (AKA Brother Jeffrey’s grandchildren.) Aren’t they sweet, sweet, sweet?


My brand new great niece. Couldn’t you just love on this baby for hours?

1010564_10101266488429002_1191482151_nProud Brother Jeffrey. Don’t you love his smile?

998344_10101266187851362_945497399_nAunt Laura getting in some baby time. 🙂

1044903_10101266106070252_1006852547_nI love this picture of the exhausted daddy. Having babies is hard work!

But here’s my favorite picture of the entire bunch. (BTW: All the pictures are from Facebook. LOL)

1044126_10101266103595212_43243435_nYou can’t see expressions. You can’t really see who it is in the picture. But this is a picture taken when Ashley’s getting close to delivering, and Ashley’s Mama is praying with her.

Does it affect anyone else the way it does me? It brings tears to my eyes.

I saw a picture a few years ago of a friend of mine, praying with her daughter and her bridesmaids just seconds before her wedding. I cried over that one, too.


Well, I’m a crybaby, for one thing. 😉

But the real deal is, these Women of God were in the midst of absolute chaos (and if you’ve ever been almost to deliver a baby or in the hustle and bustle of a wedding, you know what I’m talking about) and they stopped everything to simply pray. To stop the turmoil and simply talk to the Father.

They know what’s important in this world.

And it’s beautiful.

Ps: None of these pictures are mine. They belong to the mommies of these beautiful babies.

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Secret Prayer Sister

I have this thing God started putting on my heart many, many years ago. It’s a prayer thing.praying hands at oral roberts  3

Kind of hard to explain.

When I went to college, we had Secret Sisters. One person you bought gifts for, sent notes to, left little treats for, that kind of thing. I loved knowing that one person kept me in mind. (The best SS did special things all the time, not just on holidays.)

And sometimes you found that, during the time that person was your SS, she’d come to be your really good friend. (The best gift she could give . . . her friendship.)

Another thing that shines in my life have been my Prayer Partners. With four sisters and a brother who are all very strong Christians, I have built in prayer partners. These great people of God just love to pray for others. And, yes! He answers prayers. 🙂


But when we moved to Pryor Creek, my sibs were an hour and a half away and since it was before cell phones and free long distance (kind of) I didn’t talk to them all the time.

When we moved into that town of strangers (well, I knew the preacher and his wife, but that was it) I started asking God for PPs.

Like I said, God answers prayers, and He answered that prayer in a Big Way. He sent me a pair of prayers you wouldn’t believe. Becki and Judy are Wonderful Women of God. The kind that you would have read about in the scriptures if they’d been around in Jesus’s time.

Bible Study 1

Anyway, those two things came together–Secret Sisters and Prayer Partners became Secret Prayer Sisters (or Sibling, as the case may be.) God put a person in my path and somehow, He impressed on me (’cause He doesn’t speak to me out loud. No burning bushes thus far in my life.) that I needed to pray for that person. Not just once, and not just for a little while. I needed to pray for them for a year.

The first couple of women I felt led to pray for, I sent a card to and told them I would be lifting them up for the next year. I intended to do other special little things for her like a SS, but . . .  I didn’t. 😦 And I intended to send a note at the end of the year and tell them who I was.

I didn’t do that, either.

I did pray, though. Funny thing is, when I start praying for a person like that, I usually forget to quit. I’ve had several SPS over the years. Some I’ve prayed for shorter seasons. And some I’ve prayed for, for years.

And there are times when I don’t feel led to have a Secret Prayer Sister.

Yesterday, I felt as if God was leading me to pray for a new person–but this time, it different. This person doesn’t have big problems in her life. (Some of the women I’ve prayed for have had huge, Goliath sized problems.) This young woman is beautiful and talented and well off. (Those are often things I pray about.)

If you met her and just saw what is visible to the world, you’d think she had life by the tail. But she doesn’t. Far from it, in fact.

Something happened this week, and I inadvertently got a glimpse. She didn’t mean for it to happen, I’m sure. Just a short sentence she tossed out, but it grabbed me by the heart.

So I have a new SPS. (This one could be a Secret Prayer Granddaughter, but we won’t go there.) As usual, I’m not sure how long I’ll be praying for her, but I have a feeling it’ll be for a long time.

Now I have a question for you–Does God put special people on your heart? Do you tell them? Do you send a note and tell them you’re praying or do you keep it a secret, just between you and God?


Snitting. Again. Ü

I’m a snitter. (Sit+knit=Snit. Right?) I might have  mentioned that a time or two in the past. (Cough.) The thing is, though, I’m a winter snitter. I love to knit with wool during cold weather.

Once in a while, I like to have a project to work on in the summer, too. So the other day while I was in T-Town, I decided to buy yarn to knit a prayer shawl.

I love the idea of knitting prayer shawls for people. In my imagination (which is often so vivid, it gets me into trouble) I can see people I’ve been praying for and with, wrapping up in these shawls as they go to the Lord in prayer.

But when I got to Loops (my favorite knitting store) and started looking through the yarn, even acrylic was too hot for this break-into-a-sweat-at-the-drop-of-a-hat woman to use.

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