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Party Pics by Cynthia

Sister Cindy sent me the pictures she took at the Graduates’ party. As you’ll see, she’s a much better photographer than I am. Next get-together, I’m going to follow her around and learn how she does it.

Imagine, not one scowl! 🙂

She could open a business and call it Party Pics by Cynthia. 🙂

These young women (Laura and Ashley–aka Kentucky Woman) are also recent graduates–a teacher and a PA. I love being part of a brilliant family. (That way I can pretend I have some smarts, too.)

  This little guy and his mom are a joy to be with. He keeps everyone laughing, no matter what he does in his diaper. (Then discusses it like the president of the board.)

We nearly always have a couple of non-related friends at our parties.

Aren’t they cute??? (Did Nurse Cindy say,Stick out your tongue?)

Noel knows the Principal principle–at least for middle school.

Office Boss and his mama.

SIL Julie in deep discussion with Andrew.

The long and short of it. Great-granddaddy and Andrew. (Faith has a new phone.)

What are they watching? I. Don’t. Know. (Wish I did.)

A Grad Dad. (The other dad got away.)

Grad party day was also Elsie’s birthday. We sang. 🙂

#5 and #1 of Cindy’s kiddos. Aren’t they adorable?

There you go–almost as if you were at the party, too. Wish you had been. 🙂


Know What This Is?

Know what this is?


Here’s another view.


I’ll bet you know now. Right?

I’ve been going through pictures, because #3 is getting married in just a few weeks, and he wants them for the nuptial slide show.

I’ll share a few with you. They won’t be very good quality. Some because they never were, and the rest because I didn’t scan them. I took a picture with my iPhone. Faster. 🙂

ImageCan you imagine? This sweet baby is getting married in a matter of days?

I don’t know why I let him grow up in the first place. Or any of them. Sometimes I wish I could have stopped time and just lived with my babies at that young age forever. But then I realize all the wonderful times we’d have missed later.

Since there’s no way I could give those up, I relive the times in my head. Pictures help. (Even with my photography.)


Ignore the thumb. 🙂

This is #3 after fishing with his bigger brother in the Deer Creek pond. (Deer Creek is the neighborhood we lived in at Pryor Creek.) #3 caught two or three little fish that day because he couldn’t cast very far. The only fish biting were at the edge of the pond.

His older brother could cast his line out to the middle of the pond, where the fish weren’t biting. But bigger brother liked casting more than he wanted to catch anything. Brad made the big haul. But they were all too small to keep. 🙂

ImageDanny “holding” Baby Brother Bradley. Or, Baby Bradley trying to escape.

Brad never wanted to be a baby. He wanted to do everything his brothers did. He walked early, talked early and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep him in a diaper. The brat wanted big boy underwear, like his brothers, so I let him potty train himself.

He grew up so fast.


Two Year Old Brad fishng in the Illinois River.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures. I have it framed and hanging in my family room. What a happy time that was!

The first year we lived in Pryor Creek, Gary’s dad and his wife, Mattie, came to visit and we all went to the Illinois River (near Tahlequah) for the day. We canoed, picnicked and fished and had a fantastic time.


The same day in the Illinois River.

The boy couldn’t fish all the time, and his splashes didn’t get us very wet. That night we were exhausted. Good exhausted, but pooped!

As disorganized as I am, I still found lots of pictures of Brad all through his growing up years. School pictures, soccer pictures, his preschool Easter egg hunt when the entire class wore bunny ears made of construction paper.

The one picture I wanted but couldn’t find is of my mother, holding him when he was first born. We were at our home in C-Town. Mama is holding Brad and has the phone propped on her shoulder, talking to #4.

We need that picture. I’ll keep looking.

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Three Steps to Picture Coolness

Look what I found. I didn’t know this was possible, but while I was playing learning more about this blog, I discovered this about pictures on WordPress.

If you download several, you can make them a slideshow. I didn’t know it was so easy!

It’s probably been a choice since the beginning, but if I didn’t know, maybe someone else doesn’t know. Here’s how:

1- Go up to Upload/Insert (at the top of where you’re entering your post) and click that first little framed square. (Hover your cursor over it and it says, “add an image.”)

2- Add several images. I keep them on my computer because I haven’t figured out how to do it from flicker. When I do, I’ll share. Or maybe someone will explain it to me. (Please!)

3- When you have all the pictures you want in the slideshow, go to the gallery and at the very (very!) bottom, click insert slideshow.

4- Now all you have to do is Enjoy! It’s really that easy.

Oops, that’s four steps. Sorry. 8)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Crystal Cove, Branson, Mo. 2010