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Omega and the Pig

amy and noelOmega had a birthday last week. (She’s the movie star on the left.)

amy's-sombreroLike my kiddos, every time Omega has a birthday, I get older. (How does that work, anyway?)

amy-and-dad-2This year, she made it even worse. Just before her b-day, she made a comment. “It’s awful being the designated card maker for the office. I have to make my own card,” or something really whiny like that.

amy-and-jonnaAgain, Omega is the movie star on the left.

Of course, she has no idea what a comment like that does to me.

amy and mattIt’s like–

  • Hitting the gas on a race car.
  • Lighting the fuse on a firecracker.
  • Waving a red flag at a bull.

Naturally, I shot into action. Here’s what she got.


Can you read it? It says,

Love you little.

Love you big!

Notice, I even pinked the bottom edge of that front page.

AMY-D'S-BDLove you like a little pig.

The (free on the internet) pig was centered and I put him on a little cardboard spring I made so he’d stand up and wave at her. 🙂

The saying is one that has come down through our family. When I was thinking about this card, I wondered which side of the family it came from. Did Great-Great-Granddad make it up? Great-Uncle August?

I googled it so see if anyone else had heard of our secret Love You poem.

In less than a second, I got 28 million hits. I didn’t go to all of them, most of the ones I did go to thought that saying (poem?) was original to their family. Either their father or grandfather or great uncle on Aunt Hattie’s side made it up.

One had it as the beginning of a long poem that went on with stuff like love you in, love you out, love you like a little sprout. His readers thought he’d made it up.

So, anybody know?

Maybe my brilliant Son #1 will find out for me, she said hopefully. And no, it wasn’t G-Man. LOL.

Happy B-day, Omega. You’re a hoot and a half.

amyThis is the age I like to remember her. (Makes me younger, too.)

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

I love gardens and gardening. After all, Life began in a garden! (Not original, but true!)

To nourish that love, I took Omega to see Dad’s garden a couple of days ago. (G-Man was working on the chicken house, so naturally I jumped at the chance!)

The baby chicks are arriving today, so no chick pics. Yet. I’m hoping someone will get a few shots for me, because I won’t be there when they arrive.

While I was at Dad’s, I quickly found my way to the garden.

Oh. My.

Dad moved one of his mowers so Omega could get down the sidewalk and at least see the garden from a distance. I got a little closer, but didn’t trapse into it. He and his wife keep it well watered.

That might be why everything looks so good. The last frost date for this part of Okie-Land is April 15th. Just look at what they’ve been doing!

The furry looking stuff (upper right) is asparagus–about as high as my head. (They didn’t share any of the spears, in case you’re wondering.)

Their tomatoes are about shoulder high. Mine are still hanging around my knees, so I must be doing something wrong. (Go figure.)

Nice stand of corn. (I’m hoping to score a few ears.)

This is their lacy-leaf cabbage. It was HUGE! Honestly, it’s at least knee high. The stuff at the store would come just above my ankle. Those two are master gardeners!

They don’t just grow food, either. These are morning glories. (I remember mama growing morning glories at my first childhood home. Sweet memories!)

Dad didn’t know the name of this plant, but said it has big red blooms.

The lake view from their deck. Nice, huh?

They have a telescope that sits just inside so they can watch the bald eagles as they soar nearby. I told Dad I was thinking about building a house right next to his. He said, “You could just move into the chicken house.”

Now that’s an idea!

How does your garden grow?

Have any yummies you want to share?
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O-T-H GANG Rides Again

We love our brother. We really do!!!

Omega loves him so much, she had this made for him.

Isn’t that sweet? (I’d have smacked her, but Jeffrey is a great sport!) It’s hanging on the front of the office. On C-Town’s main street. For the entire world to see.

Of course, Omega hasn’t hit that magic number yet. There’s no telling how her big brother will spell payback.

Dad came out to see the banner. “Did Omega do that?”

Me: “Yeah. If I’d done it, it would say, ‘Welcome to the Over-The-Hill Gang. 

Dad: “Do you remember when he was born?

Answer: “Mumble. Mumble.”

Dad: “Remember we went to the football game.”

Me: “Uh, no. We went to the fair. Did you go to the football game?”

Dad: “I remember that day well. Dr. Dillman came out and said, ‘You finally got that boy, Carol.’ I said, ‘I don’t believe it.’ Doc looked through the glass and yelled, ‘Take that baby’s diaper off and prove he’s a boy.’ He did, and I went to the game.”

Me: “You didn’t even get to hold him.”

Dad: “Naw. In those days, dads didn’t get to do any of that stuff. Your mom was sleeping, so I went home to the game. C-Town was playing Hominy.”

Me: “Who won?”

Dad: “Hm. I don’t remember.”

It was probably Hominy. 🙂 At least we had one winner for C-Town that day.

One last HBD, Jeffrey! (Aka: Jeffy, Boy, Fella, JP and Buck.)