Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


More Wedding and a Few Pics

You’d think by this time of my life (and we are NOT going to talk about what time it is!) I wouldn’t be so likely to stress out.I mean, after all, I should know what I am. What I will and won’t do. Apparently, I’m still learning.

When I think back to the weeks before our wonderful wedding, I’m kind of surprised I wasn’t worse.

We just had a few problems. Probably nothing like other people have, but it was more than I’ve had to handle in a long time.


  1. Pinky Prob. I messed up my little finger on my right hand several weeks before the nuptials and, while that had no direct effect on the ceremony, it had an effect on me! You’d just be surprised how much you use that pinky–everything from opening or closing screw-on type closures to putting on eyeliner and a ton of things in between.
  2. Inventory. (At Prairie Supply.) The wedding boy manages our supply store and decided to change things up a bit over there, starting with a very detailed inventory to enter into the computer. But that put a lot more work on my baby boy, which stressed him (he worked a lot of late hours!) and in turned stressed me. Oy.
  3. The rehearsal dinner. I could have had it catered. I even looked into it, but what I found available in C-Town conflicted with the reception dinner. (Which was YUM! 🙂 ) I could have picked up the food in T Town and driven it back before the rehearsal, but I still would have had to warm it and set it up and, and, and . . . !
  4. What I’d wear. How to wear my hair. And how I looked. And how I’d look in pictures. I know that sounds really self-absorbed, but I just didn’t want to be an embarrassment. I didn’t want Matt to show the pictures to his kids someday and say, “Yeah, those days Mama looked pretty much like a wild woman. “
  5. Wedding boy was hit with a kidney stone and had to have it removed 3 days before the wedding. It was worse than the doc expected and more painful than anyone expected and still hurting the day of the wedding.
  6. The air conditioner in the Fellowship Hall quit working while we were trying to get the rehearsal dinner ready. It was hot.
  7. The air conditioner in the Fellowship Hall puddled in the middle of the Fellowship Hall while we were getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. (Thank goodness Sister Debbie knew where the mop and bucket were kept!)

I shouldn’t have stressed. Here’s why–

These pictures were taken by my #1 DIL. Great job, China! Thanks for sharing.

This is a pic of the boys, waiting on the bride. Little Bit took a tumble at the end of the wedding and rolled right off the stage.

Preacher Dave about to get down to business.

They danced. (sniff)

She tossed the bouquet.

Doesn’t she have a great smile?

And they did the garter thing. 😉

And my siblings were there with me. (Two sisters in wheel chairs!) All of them. Even the sister who couldn’t be on site.

Thank you, God, for giving us family. I don’t know how I’d survive without them.


Lunch with Friends

I had lunch yesterday with friends, and I have to tell you, I had so much fun! Isn’t it amazing how times flies when you’re chatting about something close to your heart, such as story telling?

Much of our talk revolved around the poor woman who asked a book reviewer to review her book then, when she received a less than stellar review, went on to paint a perfect target on her foot, take aim and shoot it smack in the middle of the bullseye.

The poor thing even went so far as to tell others who posted telling her that she was wrong to “F. O.”

She didn’t use initials.

She spelled it out so the world would know just exactly what she meant. And at least one of the people she offended by answering that way was a New York editor. A person who could (possibly) have taken her from self-published to the big time.

But this isn’t a blog about how to destroy your career. It’s a blog about why, every now and then, we need a day out with friends. Okay, maybe need isn’t the word. Maybe blossom is the word I want.

I was thrilled to get to chat about writing with people who loves it as much as I do. It makes me want to get up even earlier tomorrow so I can get more words on the screen, fix them (I rarely write anything perfectly the first time) pray over them and hope that I can tell Joe and Sara’s love story in a way that will touch someone’s heart. Several someones’ hearts.

After all, God is love. He created us to want to love and be loved. To want to connect with one another the way we do. We meet, fall in love and marry until death do us part.

Of course, it’s the in between–why a man is attracted to a certain woman and why she responds, why they can’t possibly fall in love, and why they do anyway, so they must forge a way, just the two of them together, to make it work–that makes writing romance so much fun.

(Think that sentence was long enough? Ha!)

I can hardly wait until we do it again!

And I get to have lunch with another group of friends today who are as excited and exciting as yesterday’s group. This group doesn’t write, though.

I’ve been invited to a prayer lunch, to thank God for the explosion happening in our church. Not the numbers, although they’re growing, too. We’re thanking Him for giving us a renewed heart. The love, excitement and joy(!) is amazing!

I can hardly wait.    

I’m filing this under Small World Blessings, because girlfriends are blessings from God!


Still Truckin’

I mentioned at the first of the year that I’m joining my church to read through the Bible. We’re following a plan that reads a book from the Old Testament, then one from the New.

Here it is April, 1/3 of the way through the year, and I’m still reading. I’d be proud of that little fact (how many times have I tried to read through before?) except I’m doing it very selfishly. I’m gaining so much!

I’ve been tempted several times to stop. You know how it is. Those thoughts come creeping in. I’m reading along, seeing the laws that seem to go on and on forever and there’s a little nagger in my mind.

If you weren’t reading through, you’d have more time to do a Bible study. (I nearly fell for that one.)

You don’t have time for this. You need to get to work (or start writing or clean house.)

You’re too busy/sleepy/yada yada.

But I have continued. Not on my own, mind you. I remind myself that I am who God says I am. As I wrote those words, the words Paul wrote to Timothy come to mind. “Study to shew thyself approved unto God; a workman needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth.” 2 Tim 2:15 (King James taught me that one when I was a kid.)

I’m a workman. Well, work woman. And I’ve been so blessed by reading the Word. I’m not sure what it is, but something about submerging myself in that love letter to me each and every day (I don’t take the days off if I can help it) has given me a clearer vision. Or maybe it’s understanding. Or maybe it’s that I’m listening closer for what God has to say.

God is who He says He is–“The same yesterday, today and forever.”

I might change with the tides (emotions, hormones, allergies hit and I’m liable to go with them) but he NEVER CHANGES. He’s all I need. He is the Savior.

He is Love.

Do you read through the Bible? Have you done it in the past? Plan to in the future? Was it a chore, or a blessing, joy and privilege?