Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Paying the Price

It’s GOOD to be home. It really is.

Oh, I loved having someone else cook all my meals, make my bed and drive me around, but home really is where the heart is.

I took a cajillion pictures, and I promise not to force them all on you. Just a few.

I’d never been to Santa Fe, Tombstone or Tucson before, but I absolutely loved it! I could live in Santa Fe and be a happy camper–if all my family and friends would move out there, too.

I have this thing–I figure I’m going to have to pay the price for taking my trip. Either I lose (okay, I forget) something I really like in the hotel or something bad happens at home while I’m gone.

This time, I lost my pink shirt AND something internet-wise gilflirted on my computer.

Bummer, huh?

But I’ve got Internet back, hopefully my email is there and I’m cooking with gas. We’ll see about the shirt.

In these pictures, you’ll see G-Man, locked up 🙂 Hatch, Arizona, the Pepper Capitol of the Universe, a blooming cactus and some great old cars. I’ll share more later.

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Have you been to that part of the world? What did you like best?


God says, “I love you!”

I have a theory about God. I don’t have a scripture to back it up, and if I told it to one of the Bible scholars in my life, they’d probably laugh at me.

To be very honest, though, I think I’m right.

Here it is: I believe that from time to time, God looks at us and says, “Have I told you lately how much I love you?” And since we can’t actually hear God (most of the time) He shows us.

Sometimes it’s a beautiful sunset. Other times, it’s a cool morning breeze when the temp should be in the 90’s. And sometimes it’s a friend’s smile.

On our way home from my aunt’s funeral the other day, He did just that.

We stayed all night at Raton, New Mexico. I wasn’t particularly happy with the hotel we stayed in, so I was more than ready to head home. But I noticed a big patch of thistles growing behind the hotel.

Thistle patches aren’t something we see very often, and they were pretty, so I wandered around there with my camera.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

I’ve accidentally grown thistles under my bird feeders, but mine are kind of spindly and unloved. These were beautiful.

So I snapped away

and then I noticed something at the bottom of the hill.

God’s “I LOVE YOU.”

Not just a deer. A buck!

He noticed me about the same time I saw him. Either he was too hungry to care I was there

or he was used to having his picture taken. Kind of looks like he’s posing here, doesn’t it? 🙂

I shot him, he watched me, and ate. I’m convinced that little deer was sent from above to remind me of God’s love.

If I could get down that hill without tumbling, how close would he let me come? Was he someone’s pet? Had God tamed him enough that I could touch him?

But G-Man and Sister Debbie were waiting for me, and I was a little ambivilent about trekking down that hill.

Then something happened. A sign that the little buck was finished posing and our time together was over.

He mooned me. 🙂