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First Day Vacay

When you think of your favorite vacation, where did you go?

G-Man and I don’t take a big vacation every year. (By “big” I mean where we go SOMEWHERE and stay gone for an entire week.) The last time we had a real vacation, we went to New Mexico and Arizona. LOVED IT!

This year, we went to South Dakota. Mount Rushmore. Deadwood. Bear Country. #2 Son and DIL went with us. (And yes, I came home with several ideas for new books.)

Drive By Shooting :)

Drive By Shooting 🙂

I snapped this pic on the way to SD. I absolutely loved that brick wall. (If I’d actually stepped outside the car, it could have been fantastic!)

Naturally, the first place we visited was the Presidents’ Heads Monument. (Yeah, some people call it Mount Rushmore, but you know me.)

Here are a few of the pics I took.

Matt and Nikki at the Okie post.

Matt and Nikki at the Okie post.

These two made the visit so much fun! They aren’t afraid of anything and have some great ideas. For instance, this next pic is Nikki, making George look as if she just squished his head.

Nikki fingers.

Nikki fingers.

Here Matt’s making her look as if she’s supporting the presidents.


Here’s some more of my photo-stream from that day.

I used my long lens to get up close and personal with the guys.


And here I’m checking for boogies in Abe’s nose. (None.)


We got this picture when Matt stopped the car without being asked so we could grab the pic.


Several more days and hundreds (literally) more pictures, so I’ll always be able to relive the vacay. I have a feeling this will be one of my all time favorites. (For now, anyway.)

Your fave?