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Still playing make believe.


Bunny Leaps

Remember our Garden Blessing Bunnies?Not much later (like the next morning) baby bunnies became Bullet Dodgers.

We quickly learned that Yorkshire Terriers like to chase baby bunnies, too. In fact, they were bred for it.

According to my friend, Wiki:

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed of terriertype, developed in the 19th century in the county of Yorkshire, England to catch rats in clothing mills.

I read somewhere Yorkies are famous for controlling mice, moles, rabbits–anything that scurries along the ground, and yeah, that’s our Molly.

Once she saw a mole peep out of its run. She got curious (which is why she so belongs in MY family) dug into the hole and did poor mole boy in.

My apologies to mole lovers everywhere.

(Aside: To keep that from happening again, I now plant Castor Bean plants in my yard to keep moles and gophers from wanting to come for a visit.)

Anyway, Molly noticed the rabbit hole with the baby bunnies in it. She didn’t do much except look in the hole, until the babies started to get more active. One day I came home from work and G-Man said, “I need your help in the garden.”

Since the garden is usually my part of our world, I was a little wary. “What happened?”

“The bunnies were out playing and Molly chased one off the wall.”

The wall is only about a yard high, but we have a fence and no gate out there. Before I got home, my man had taken off the fence hardware so he could get through it, but needed me to help hold it open for him. He squeezed through, went down the wall and started his bunny  hunt.

The property right behind us is a tree filled, which means leaves get there and multiply. Somewhere in all those leaves, a baby bunny was lost from its brothers and sisters, and G-Man couldn’t stand it.

My man took my little hand rake and dug through those leaves until–WOOHOO!–he found it.

We got him back with his sibs.

My man made the bunnies a little protection after that.

This is a box the milk man used in that Small Town to the North. I rescued it along with its brother when we cleaned out G-Man’s parents’ house. He put that over the hole so Miss M couldn’t get to the babies, propped up the box so Mama Bunny could get in to feed the babies and teach them Bunny Tricks.

 Because the Queen of our Castle is able to open sliding doors and squeeze under gates and fences if given a challenge, he put this rock on top to keep her from pushing the box-house out of the way.

The Bunny Hole is empty now. I’ve put away the Bunny House (milk box) and the rock. Molly still goes out to the garden and stares into the Bunny Hole, hoping to find a new challenge.

And the bunnies? 🙂 I saw one or two of the babies on Saturday. I don’t know if the others moved on to another yard or found free falling from the wall so much fun, they couldn’t resist another go.

But I’m hoping they acted like “Peter Rabbit” , squeezed through our fence and found Farmer McGregor’s garden. If they did, I hope McGreg is blind to them. And doesn’t have a dog.

G-Man was a little disappointed we couldn’t bring them into the house and let Molly mother them. He thought they’d make a great YouTube clip with her flock of babies at her side.

Maybe next time. 🙂


Trailing Molly

Did you ever notice that when you’re late for one thing, it knocks everything out of kilter?

I got up late yesterday, so I didn’t finish that day’s Beth homework. Today I finished yesterday’s and was determined to do today’s. I did, too! But that made me late for my blog. Sorry. I’m here, though. 🙂

One little bit of Beth news–

From Beth’s blog:

Hey, you guys! On our introductory (and impromptu!) live stream last week, I told you that I thought we might focus on prayer during our next one. The beginning of a new year is a great time to get strengthened and encouraged in our prayer lives! If you’re like me, you could always use some cheering on in that vital spiritual discipline. It’s fairly safe to say that, in day-to-day practical living, we are only as strong in our walk as we are in our prayers. A healthy prayer life is essential to abiding in Christ. I also love to hear the approaches others are finding effective. So, what do you say we hit this topic tomorrow??? (God willing, thank you, Book of James)

For all who are able, hop on this link tomorrow from 10:30 – 11:00 AM Central Standard Time and let’s talk about prayer.

If that link doesn’t work, you can pop over to and click the link on her page. I think it’ll be a very interesting chat. Hope to see you there!

Did it snow at your house last night? It did ours. I didn’t get a picture, but a friend of mine on FB did.

Thanks for the picture loan, Larry Lawrence! It’s gorgeous!!!

I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but my hip doc told me to walk 30 minutes every day. To be very honest, I don’t get that done. I try to make it at least 3 days a week with my walking buddy, Carollea.

We’re both going to our church’s Beth Moore Bible study, so that’s knocking out one night of walking. She helps with the dinners at church on Wednesday nights, so we aren’t able to make it up that night.

Yesterday, my man called and offered to bring the Queen of the Castle (aka: our dog, Molly) and walk with me. I jumped at the chance!

By the time I got off work, the beautiful afternoon temperature (60 degrees) had dropped. A lot. And the wind was blowing straight out of the north. (Bringing that snow!)

I layered my jacket over a hoodie and he did the same. We took off with me holding the leash.

We walked a while with the wind at our backs on the tarmac that covers what once-upon-a-time was a railroad track. There’s lots of chat mixed with tarmac in the path, so it’s a little rough. Anyway, we walked a ways and Miss M had to make a pit stop.

It wasn’t long before she was limping. I was, too. 🙂

I just kept getting colder and colder, and finally we headed back for the car.

Molly’s limp kept getting worse. We pulled her off the path, onto the dirt next to it, thinking it would be easier on her tender little tootsies. Wrong. She still limped.

I picked her little hiney up and carried her. She was trembling a lot. She was either really cold or faking it so she wouldn’t have to walk all the way back to the car.

Just like a kid.

After a few moments, I handed her over to Gary. (I think she’s gained some weight at Christmas, too.)

A few moments later, he passed her back to me.

I doubt we’ll be taking her back to the trail any time soon.

By the time we got home, I was pooped. (Molly’s limp as well as her shivering had disappeared. “Limp? What limp?”) I came in, crashed in my chair and turned on “Seabiscuit”. After a few moments I noticed a nagging in my tummy.

Why is it I get hungry every day at that time? 😦 Anyway, I didn’t feel like cooking. Then #2 son called and told me it was snowing. That made me hungry for Grandmother’s Chili.

But who wants to make chili at 7 pm when they’re pooped? About that time, I remembered we’d frozen part of the last batch I made.

Remember that part of the Bible that talks about storing up treasures in Heaven? It’s pretty neat when you have a few stored up for dinner, too.


New Years Eve

Fireworks at New Years 2002

Image via Wikipedia

My New Years Eve started early.


This is Molly. She was a rescue dog, but now she’s the queen of the castle.

She protects her family from marauding opossums who try to steal from our pond.

She’s a little shy, but she tries to help us watch our weight. *If you don’t want that meat, I’ll take care of it!*

And she’s really bad about looking away just when I snap her picture.

She keeps the snow in line. She even lets us know when it’s storming. 

When Molly first came to rule the house, she was thrilled because she thought we’d installed an indoor bathroom for her. G-Man and I, however, had in mind using it for a living room. Since we couldn’t come to a meeting of the minds, G-Man and I installed a baby gate to keep “accidents” from happening.

Clever Molly has found that she can use said gate as an early alarm system. Anytime it storms, she just grabs the gate with her teeth and shakes it. Hard. And. Wakes. Me. Up.

This morning, a t-storm rolled through at 3:30. At 3:31 she was rattling the gate and I was downstairs, trying to keep her quiet.

The last day of 2010 started early is going to be v-e-r-y long.

It’s 5:15 now and she’s peacefully sleeping on the love seat. I have to start fixing G-Man’s breakfast in thirty minutes. *sigh* I think I’ll take a quick nap.