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Sisterly Things

Did you see I’m working on a new verse to memorize? Here it is–

Romans 14:2-3.

One person’s faith allows them to eat anything, but another, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables. The one who eats everything must not treat with contempt the one who does not, and the one who does not eat everything must not judge the one who does, for God has accepted them.

#2 Sister in the Spess Family line up (Deb) has invited me to take part in an eight week getting-healthy-challenge she saw on Pinterest. It’s a weight loss doin’-my-bod’-good thing, posted by this sisterly blog.deb clown

Sister Debbie is the cute clown on the right. 🙂

Of course, Sister Deb has an unfair advantage. She’s a long time snacker of low cal things, such as stems and twigs.


Sister Deb told me she’s memorizing Bible verses twice a month, too. (Does she live a disciplined life or what?)

In honor of The Challenge, she chose a verse in one of the Peters. Now I would have joined her in memorizing that verse, but I couldn’t remember which one it was. (Obviously, it’s not just my verses I have trouble remembering. I’m an equal opportunity forgetter.)


Since I couldn’t remember her verse, I searched for one of my own. Turns out, Paul had some light to shed on my quest in Romans 14–especially verse three.

One person’s faith allows them to eat anything, but another, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables. The one who eats everything must not treat with contempt the one who does not, and the one who does not eat everything must not judge the one who does, for God has accepted them. 

It’s telling the girlies who are good at healthy living (aka–dieting) not to gloat over those of us who aren’t. I’m going to need that verse! 🙂

BTW: Verse two is for #1 Son and his comment from my Confession Blog. *wink*

The Challenge is not a specific diet, so I’m up for any hints, tips or tricks that have worked for you in the past.

Anybody wanna share?

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Dis’n and Dat’n

Sarah Barrett Moulton: “Pinkie” by Thomas Lawr...
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This Morning’s Storm

I got up before the storm hit this morning, and I was pleasantly surprised when it happened. Molly, being the storm quaker she is, was a little anxious. She’s not the rain lover that my baby boy and I are.


Since my pinkie problem, I haven’t filled my hummer feeders. I was afraid I’d crank down and rupture my other pinkie tendon.

Two gilflirted pinkies aren’t what I had in mind when I thought about what I’d wear to my middle son’s wedding next month. I’m still trying to think of a way to decorate the first messed up finger.

I’m considering feathers. Or maybe I’ll go all out and cover it with bling.

Hummer Feeders

I finally got brave and talked G-Man into helping me fill the feeders. I was afraid the hummers had given up and gone looking for greener–or sweeter–pastures.

Happily, the birds don’t hold a grudge. I spied one during the storm this morning. (No storm quakers in the hummingbirds’ camp.)

SSMT #12

So I’m a day late for my SSMT. Finally found the one that felt right. Col. 3:3. Look it up and tell me what you think. Could you use that scripture if you had it written on your heart?

BTW: Beth Moore invited people to come over and read the comments on her blog from the SSMTers. This time we were suppose to post our verse and tell what God’s done in our lives since we started memorizing.

Go ahead. She has some real blessings from God to share. Living Proof Blog.

Here’s a picture of Beth from her website. If you look closely, I think you’ll see Jesus.


Christian Church in Old Ford

When I was a little girl, Mama took me to the Christian Church in the Ford. Every memory I have of that church has a smile attached to it. Either it was a really happy-and-on-our-way-to-heaven place or I was just too young to catch on to the human conflicts. (Probably the age thing.)

I remember a grandmotherly woman with soft wrinkles and a soft lap and a sweet smile. Her husband liked to stand with his hands behind his back and rock from his heels to his toes and back again. Mom told me after I was grown their names were Mr. and Mrs. Krotzer.

I remember being a flower girl (drop one petal at a time as you step-stop-step-stop down the aisle) along with my same-age cousin in a beautiful young woman named Kay’s wedding.

And I remember having super nice Sunday School teachers. I’m not very clear on this memory, but I seem to remember two of them. Nancy Krotzer and Helen Sissom. I don’t remember many lessons, but I remember looking forward to being there.

Each week, the SS teacher taught us a new verse. When it was time for church to start, the teacher would lead our class out of the room and we’d line up on the stage in front of the podium. Then the teacher would help us repeat our verse.

Mom said one Sunday, we all said our verse and, as usual, the congregation chuckled. I’m sure it was a ‘we love you’ laugh, but I didn’t like it. *embarrassed here* I put my hands on my hips and yelled, “What’s so funny?” They laughed louder.

Great idea, getting kids started memorizing at the get-go, isn’t it? The ability to memorize helps us in so many ways–learning (remember taking tests?) making friends and influencing people, picking up on how-to-do-its.

Memorizing God’s word can affect us for eternity.

So like I’ve mentioned several times, I joined a group of women called the Siesta Scripture Memorization Team and on the 1st and 15th, we memorize a new one.

The cute one in the hat is #4. (I thank God for you every time you come to mind.)

As a way to remain close (closer, closest) even though we don’t get to see each other often enough, #4 and I have joined forces in this. And every other week, it seems I have a new favorite.

Here’s what we’ve memorized so far. (Or tried to memorize.)

1/1–Eph. 3:18
1/15–1 Pet. 3:9
2/1–Eph. 1:18
*2/15–Num. 6:24-26
3/1–Phil. 4:5-7
3/15–Psm 119:10
4/1–Psm 46:10
4/15–Rom. 4:20
5/1–Psm. 34:4
*5/15–Luke 1:46
*6/1–Eph. 1:3

Look the up. They’re wonderful.

The ones with stars are my favs. I think. (Kind of like trying to decide which is your favorite son. Impossible!) Could be they’re the ones I can remember without too much help. Too bad I don’t have a small Miss Helen/Nancy on my shoulder to help me along.

BTW: #4, this one’s for you!


My New “About”

Did you notice my new “about”? At the top of the screen, right under the title, Small Town World. I change it fairly often. I’ve had a joke or two there and when I started this blog, I actually had what it was about.

Imagine that. LOL.

But this time I put my SSMT–my memory verse for the first half of April.

#4 and I both decided to do the SSMT thing without knowing the other was doing it. Since I’m such a talker (unkind people might call it being a  blabber mouth, but I know YOU wouldn’t) I yakked about it right away.

After the first verse or so, #4 suggested we memorize the same verse. A way for long distance double sisters (Christian sisters as well as siblings from the same parents) to stay connected. I jumped on it!

But being the über busy people we are (well, SHE’S über busy, I just act like I am while I play on my blog) it’s not easy to get something memorized. So I got to thinking. (Or maybe God put the thought in my head. I hope He did, anyway.) Since I go to my blog every day, and #4 pretends she does 😉 I’ll post the current verse there.

Maybe seeing it will help us absorb it.

Look at it again. That first part–Be still and know that I am Lord. God. (Told you I had trouble.)

Be still. Did your grandma ever tell you to be still? Not just quiet down, but be still. Stop running and jumping and chasing and flying all over the place.


Keep stopped.

Focus on God.

 There’ll be time to do whatever later.

Exalt Him!