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Blind Sight–

So I noticed this morning I haven’t told all y’all about my books. (Check up there under My Books. It’s changing!)

On July 24, I did a signing with my BIL Noel Nation, author of THE EDUCATION OF A TEACHER: LESSONS A SMALL TOWN TAUGHT A TEACHER  at the annual IEC meeting, and I noticed something.

My book, BLIND SIGHT, sells best of all my books, and I’m not sure why.

blind sight

I’ll let you read an excerpt. Maybe you can tell me why.

Back cover: Cassie Reynolds is channeling the dreams of a serial killer. But without the resources to stop him—if she’s able to discover who he is—how can she succeed? Only cynical Keegan Flynn, who believes in nothing and no one, has the tools needed to complete her gift. Will Cassie be able to make Keegan believe in time, or will Christmas this year be murder?

There are a couple of funny/weird things about this book.

WT #1–I wrote the manuscript, then set it aside while I started my next book. Then I decided to reread BS before sending it to my editor, and the antagonist surprised me! LOL.


WT #2– When I was nearly finished writing Blind Sight, Marilyn Pappano (critique partner and fantastic author) handed me a book by Kay Hooper. I’d never heard of Kay, nor had I read any of her books. But the book was about a touch psychic (like my book) named Cassandra (My heroine’s name is Cassaundra) who gets tangled up with a serial killer (same in my book.) Really weird, huh?

But if you read her book and mine, you’ll see those are the only similarities. Kay is an over-the-top fantastic author!

Want to read a little bit?

“Oh, I can find my way around her. In my hands, this baby will be very happy.” Gingerly caressing the leather-covered steering wheel, he glanced at Cassie in the semi-darkness to see her mouth drop open. While he hadn’t intended to give the words a sexy spin, seeing her face after she took the phrase the wrong way—eyes at half-mast, cheeks pinking, and her glistening bottom lip caught between her teeth—made him wish he could do it again.

“That’s right. You owned a Volkswagen in college, didn’t you?” Her voice rasped slightly as she buckled her seatbelt, then leaned away from him to angle her back against the door. In a play of shadow and light, the simple red dress she wore made her body look perfect, touchable, kissable. When she finally turned her head to look at him, the heat in her gaze stole the air from his lungs.

Without breath, he couldn’t speak or think, so he nodded. It didn’t matter what she’d asked. Whatever it was, he’d do it. Or find it. Or climb it. Or build it. For the woman gazing at him with eyes that could heat his very marrow, he’d do anything at all. Even take on a monster, if need be.


Hm. I might have to go back and read this book again. 😉




Almost There!

The title really ought to be, “MADE IT!!!”

I finished judging my last (I hope) contest entry in Where the Magic Begins! The Romance Writers Ink contest for unpublished writers.

I’ve probably told you more about it than you wanted to hear, but we’re almost at the end. Everyone on the committee judged at least twice as many entries as most people who pitched in to help out. I had 11 or 12, a couple of category judges had one or two more than I did, and Sandee had (at least) nineteen!

Sandee is a big reader and a wonderful judge. We don’t put our names on the entries we judge, but I truly hope the people who entered appreciate the judges.

It’s hard work. We do our best to critique these entries so they can be fixed and sell ASAP.

All the members of RWI are actively trying to sell our manuscripts, so we know exactly what it’s like to put your heart in a book. Get up early. Stay up late. Take time from your family or your knitting or other interests to tell that story.

And when that story comes to The End, we start all over with a new story, whether the last one has sold or not.

That might sound like the definition of insanity, but there are thousands of women all over America (all over the world!) who are doing the same thing.

Some are succeeding.

Sometimes our comments might seem harsh, but we work to keep that from happening. Any criticism of our babies hurts, and just like when our children have to be disciplined, it only makes them better.

We want to be a stepping stone on the way to success.

I truly hope we are!