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Still playing make believe.


Wowzer Weekend

A picture of a birthday cake

How was your weekend? My was fantastic!

I had so much fun, I’m exhausted this morning. Why was it fun?

First, I spent time in my garden. There’s nothing, nothing, nothing like having time in the garden when the temperature is less than 100 degrees, you know?

G-Man took me to Red Rock Canyon Grill for my birthday dinner Saturday night. YUMMMMEEEE! The ribeye was fantastic. Wish I’d taken a picture of it, but  . . . 🙂 I really need to learn to cook like that.

Then I spent yesterday with family at a baby shower for niece Kendal. Getting there was a real trip. (Ack!) On our way in, there were walkers EVERYWHERE. And nearly every street we wanted to drive down was blocked with those ugly orange cones. I threated to plow through them a time or two, but a police car usually drove by about that time, which cooled my jets.

We thought it might be the walk for MS or maybe the color run (whatever that is) but from what I can tell from looking on line, it was a training run for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. No one knew yesterday, so I’m just guessing. 😉

734415_10151527438324557_422295830_n The actual run will be in a couple of weeks. In case you’re wondering, I don’t plan to be there to watch or run. Didn’t think so, did you?

Hopefully, I’ll download some pictures from the shower to share with you before Wednesday. It was the bomb!






Happy Birthday to You!

Today is Kendal Grace’s birthday. I won’t tell you how old she is, but I’ll tell you she’s beautiful, exciting, full of energy and has an adorable son and a great husband!

I’ll always remember the day before she was born.

That year, the Spess clan went to OKC to celebrate Christmas. Her mama, Sister Cindy, was very, very pregnant and spent a lot of that day in her chair. Our son, Danny, seven, was a joy. Matt was three and Brad wasn’t a year old yet.

Danny played with his cousins that day and had a great time. Baby Buggy (Brad) was easy to take care of that day, but poor Matt had a disaster. Although he had a big pile of gifts from Santa, the only “friend” he cared to take along was the same one he took everywhere.

Puppy. His stuffed Snoopy with a blue shirt that said, “Puppy Love” that he’d swiped from his Aunt Amy. Matt dragged Puppy every place we went by his ear, his tail, his leg or however he could grab him. Just as long as Puppy was by his side like some kids take a security blanket, Matt was a happy camper.

That day, Matt was playing around with the other kids and, of course, Puppy, when he pulled the dog’s nose right off.

Matt wailed so loud, you’d have thought he pulled off his brother’s nose.

Of course, Brad was having his mid-day “meal” when the emergency happened, so I had to work one-handed. Sister Cindy found us a needle but only one color of thread. While Brad nursed, I sewed on the nose (a black pom-pom type nose) with great big stitches. Great big purple stitches.

And it stayed on, just like that, until Matt outgrew his security dog. (He’s still here, in my house somewhere, with the faded purple stitches.)

We’d hoped Cindy’s baby would be born while we were at her hosue that Christmas, but it didn’t happen. Late in the afternoon, everyone–including Mom and Dad–went home.

THEN Cindy went into labor and had Kendal not too long after midnight.

And the girl has kept us entertained ever since!




This is Kendal a couple of years ago. Since then, she’s had a baby who’s now a very smart(!) and active two-year-old. And sweet Kendal is a thin, active and very beautiful wife and mama.

Want to read about Kendal’s wedding? Check it out here!