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Still playing make believe.

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Sunday Giggling

The best thing happened to me after church yesterday. My dad gave me a watermelon at church. (No, it wasn’t a bribe to get me to go to church. I really love going! Honest!!!)

After that, I went to the grocery store and bought several bags of groceries.

So when I pulled into my driveway, I called G-Man and asked him to carry in the melon for me. After we disconnected, I stuck the phone in my shirt and started loading up bags of munchies.

In a few moments, I started hearing the most delightful voices. They were happy, chipper, sweet and full of giggles and laughter.

At first I thought I’d hit some cartoon video on my phone. But I kept hearing the same words again and again–“Hello? Aunt SueSue?” And lots of giggling.

Finally, I got where I could put down my packages and pulled out my phone. I’d accidentally FaceTimed my niece Ashley and her oldest daughter answered the phone.


This is one of the gigglers, Ashley’s middle daughter. She’s a doll!

Okay, I FaceTimed, for them it was more of a  . . . well . . . chest time. Oy!


When I pulled out my phone, the girls all were still giggling and having a great time, so maybe they weren’t too traumatized by the experience.

ashley's daughter

Ashley’s oldest giggling daughter a few years ago at Thanksgiving.

The funny thing is, they couldn’t hear what I was saying, but I could hear them perfectly. I just hope they could read my lips when I said, “I love you, too!”

10400038_10203801718075639_4906752814064437375_nAshley and her youngest giggler.

So if you couldn’t read my lips, I do, too, guys!

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Daylight Savings Time–Love It Or . . . ?

How do you get along with Daylight Savings Time?

After a couple of days, dragging myself (not springing, for sure!) out of bed, to the kitchen and my ‘puter, I’ve found something I like.


My sleep is messed up right now. I woke this morning at three o’clock, read a little (thank you, Elmore Leonard–OUT OF SIGHT is great!) and drifted off again.

That’s when I had this weird dream that G-Man and I were renewing our vows in an old-home-turned-wedding-venue right here in C-Town.

My gown was stunning! White, full skirt (lots of layers) with a black portion running across the shoulders and down the sleeves. I mean, it was straight out of Vogue-In-My-Mind!

I was so disappointed when G-Man showed up (yes, he was really going to marry me again!) wearing a tan Polo shirt and slacks. 😦

“Where’s your tux?” I wailed.

He shrugged and showed me his dimple. “I didn’t want to wear one.”

About that time, I discovered I’d forgotten to take along a certain piece of my underclothes.

Our youngest boy, all grown up and married like he is today, ran around the venue, past the guests, servers, florists, photographers and everyone, yelling, “Mama forgot her ***! Mama forgot her ***!” He was wild and sweet and innocent just like he when he was little. He filled me with joy!

I also dreamed up a couple of daughters (I have no daughters) who weren’t nearly as cute as my sons. One made me mad, so I chased her. (Yes, I was wearing my wedding gown.) 😉

G-Man woke me just in time to save her. (Isn’t that just like a dad?)

I woke up, remembering the dream and laughed out loud! Believe me, giggles when I wake are rare! (Like, never.)

If I can get up each morning for the next eight or so months with a smile or a chuckle, DST will get a big thumbs up from me!

How about you? Do you like DST or no?


Cement Angels 012If you have a moment, go back and read the title to my last blog.


It’s the time of year when I rush around and try to finish everything in time for Christmas. Balance out the gifts, get the stuffers (wail about why I started the stocking thing in the first place) finish trimming the last tree and haul all the empty boxes back to the attic for a few days before we drag them out again to fill and put away.

It’s that time of year. You know? Someone mentioned a book to me that she was reading and her conclusions, and yeah, it made sense. No one in the fam really NEEDS anything. Everyone surely knows that they are loved. After all this time, they have to know it. Right?

But still.

Still, I’m wishing that this Christmas will be memorable and sweet and joyful and all the things the kiddos could hope for. So I’m doing all I can do.

Then this morning, December 21, I got up and checked the weather. (Did the ice storm hit? Will the roads passable enough for me to get to church on Christmas morning tomorrow? Will we get to have our Big Christmas Party at that fantastic steak place?)

That’s when I saw it on a local news channel. A C-Town family’s child had died in the night while driving on the icy roads.

matt and grandmommie_edited-1

The story hits much too close to home, and I remember the day five members of my family died in a car accident. Circumstances weren’t the same, but the absolute soul rending lostness must be.

Our wreck happened in May, and by December I still wasn’t ready to celebrate. But with three little boys


and a loving husband, how could we skip it? I got through it by focusing on Jesus.

After all, with our silly trees and little ornaments (many of them made by my boys) we were celebrating His birthday. Then I realized–my family lost in the wreck were Home for a party the likes of which we couldn’t know. The party that must go on in Heaven when they celebrate His birthday.


Imagine the ultimate joy!

Can you even think how beautiful the light is? (Jesus is the Light)

Just try to conjure up the heavenly chorus shouting Hosanna. Can your mind hold it?

The dancing, the celebration, the joyous, wondrous, ecstatic love. My family had been called Home so they could be there for the celebration. So has this child who’s so new to Heaven.

I’m praying for this family. (Please join me.) I’m praying they’ll be able to find some joy this season, even if it’s just remembering Christmases past.

I’m praying that at Christmas in the years to come, they’ll celebrate his life and heavenly graduation. And the pain in their hearts will dim because Jesus has filled it so full of His love.



Disappearing Act

I’m not gone! Really, I’m not.

I’m here, but there have been a few things crowding my mornings, making it hard to get here to say hi.

queen for a dayHI!

I do my best in the morning. Best study, best reading and best writing, so I try to do as much as possible early on. And since this is Okieland, it get HOT during the day. It’s coolest in the mornings, so that’s when I like to get out in the yard, too.


Recently, I decided to do a new Bible study. “Gideon” by Pricilla Shirer. (One of my favorites from Old Testament History class  in college–“The Sword of the Lord and Gideon is upon you!”)

As I said, I do my best in the a.m. so I’m fitting that in here, too.

And then there’s work. I like to wander in there every once in a while. 😛

If you drop by looking for me and I’m not around, give me a shout. I’m around somewhere. I try to check in on Facebook at least once a day–Susan Spess Shay. If we’re not already, I’d love to be your friend. (That always makes me think of Mr. Rogers. ♪♫ Please, won’t you be my neighbor. ♫♪)

I even Twitter once in a while–Shaywriter.

Before I go, look up at the top. I’ve changed the verse I’m memorizing for June 15-June 30. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength. Deu. 6:5.



Do you memorize scripture? (Psalm 119:11)

Want to share your favorite?


She Knows.

My heart hurts today. (Bet yours does, too.)

Someone bombed the Boston Marathon, killing three people, one of them an eight-year-old, and maimed at least 10 more.

A friend’s cancer was recently diagnosed terminal. Time is short.

At least two of my friends have had children who died recently.

An earthquake killed 40 people somewhere in the world.

Men ignore their children. No child support. No fatherly attention. (Or the wrong kind.)

What’s a person to do when so many around her are hurting, and she has a dark, heavy, hard-to-breathe feeling? Break down? Live with depression? Suffer?


All I have to do is look to at one of my friends who has lost more than one child for an example. This woman lives with the joy of today.


She has two wonderful daughters who she enjoys to the max rather than spending each day mourning the two she lost. amy-and-the-girls

She sees how magical it is to be in the world today, and have a sure and certain faith in the Lord.


She knows God is good. He loves us and wants all that is happy, beautiful and joyful for us. His mercies are everlasting and being with him in the By-and-By will be even more wonderful than what we have today.

And since I’m with her every day, I’ll just keep learning from her. She knows.