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There’s a Hoedown in Town

the-girlsOne of my favorite things about my Small Town World is my church family. A more accepting, loving bunch of people you’ll never meet.

Every year for the last 10 years FC3 has had a Harvest Hoedown. Our whole Small Town World is invited to the campus for games and food and fun.

Don’t you love the clowns? They’re a hoot, even if I did get splashed with a little squirt gun play. No fair. I didn’t have a gun so I could shoot back!

We have a train and ponies for the kids to ride, a big bouncy slide for kids of all sizes!

1-the-joy-of-the-lordAnd this year, there was a game of laser tag.

crewIt’s so enjoyable to see all ages pitch in and work together to serve our STW.

davidPreacher Dave even gets a little high as he tells us about our Father and His unfailing, never ending love for us.

nailsBig girls do little girls’ nails.


 David Cook and his wife, Jan, make about fifty pounds of chili for us each year.

Larry Brown grills about a jillion wieners,


and somebody else melts gallons and gallons of cheese.

imagejpeg_0But the best job? The most fun of all? Serving the food and drinks! (My job.) While we serve, we get to talk to people we sometimes see only that one time a year, and catch up a little. We see kiddos and costumes, we see babies and babies who aren’t babies anymore.

Some of us get a little cold, a few backs get a little stiff, but if at all possible, we don’t miss this get together. At least I don’t. It’s just fun to get to be with friends and neighbors and God as the central reason for it all.

The Harvest Hoedown is the best hoedown of all! Of course, it’s the only hoedown I’ve ever been to. How about you? Ever been to a hoedown? What did you like best?

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Fun in the Son


What’s better than a Halloween Carnival?


A fall festival! But what has critters to pet, bouncy slides, bouncy houses, mechanical bulls, ropin’ cowboys and games, games, games?


A Harvest Hoedown at C-Town’s FC3!!!

The picture above is Walking Buddy, aka Kool-Aid Queen! (She’s the b-e-s-t Kool-Aid maker around!)

At a Harvest Hoedown we have (can you guess?) food!

hotdog chefs

hotdog chefs

 And not just dry hotdogs. We had real, homemade chili!


This is one of my favorite guys in the world (keeps me laughing!) and he made 50 pounds of chili just for this night of nights. 🙂

It was much-o good-o, too! (Didn’t know I spoke Spanish, did you?)

And the thing that made the HH night of nights best of all? It’s Christian serving others. (Kinda like the Good Book says.)


I was one of the Women at the Well. (Watering Hole) That’s the best job ever! I got to see just about everyone who came to the Hoedown.

MomsI love this lady!


Naturally, I gave them a choice. “We have every flavor of Kool-Aid you want . . . as long as it’s Pink Lemonade.”


“We have pink, pink and pink! What’ll you have?”

When one man asked if we had sugar free, we answered, “Sure do! Water!”

It’s so much fun to watch people’s faces while they’re figuring out what I said. 🙂


One of my favorite things? WE HAVE CLOWNS!

Cute ClownBrenna

Not just one clown, either. We have multiple clowns!!!


Anybody know them?

In case you can’t tell, the best part of the HH is seeing all the great kiddos. They’re adorable!


You should hear this one say, “Sue-Sue.” Too cute!

sweet-girlieChecking out the rubber duckies.

sweet-facesI didn’t know this little one, but she gave me permission to take her picture.

deanna-and-sullyEven babies get involved. (We need someone to sweeten up the place.)


Wanna see my favorite picture I took all night long? This one.

The Joy of the Lord!That’s the joy of the Lord shining right there on her face.

Don’t you love it?



Exciting Times

I don’t know about anyone else, but my weekends are about half as long as they used to be. I mean, instead of two twenty-four hour days, I’m only getting twelve hour babies.

Anybody else?

I don’t get it.

We had some great snuggling weather Friday night. Cold rain–I love it! The rain, the chilly weather, and I’m-warm-inside-eating-stew-and-listening-to-the-raindrops. It’s wonderful!

I hear the fam in Wichita even had a little snow.

And have you noticed the trees? They’re changing. 🙂 That’s one of my favorite things about fall, and since fall is my favorite season, I guess I really love ’em. LOL. Of course, I have seen much red yet, but gorgeous yellows are starting to be everywhere and I’ve even seen a few peachy ones.


C-Town is ramping up for a great time coming soon.

FC3 is getting ready for the Harvest Hoedown next Sunday night, October 27th. I look forward to it every year, even though I’m too old to play the games. 🙂 I usually get to pass out food or drinks, so I see most of the adults and some of the kids at least once if not several times.

It’s so much fun!

Harvest Hoedown stars

The kids are sweet and funny and have a ball! And the adults even have a lot of fun.

The Baptist Church is getting ready for Trunk of Treat the same night. Not only the kids dress up for it but the cars do, too! 🙂

Trick or Treat on Broadway is nearly here and with it, hordes of masked children and adults. I heard about one pregnant woman who dressed up and got candy, “for the baby,” but I can’t really be sure about that.

Wonder if she let her belly show and painted it like a basket ball for the baby’s costume? 😉

And our nursing home has trick or treating for kids as well as The Baptist Village. How cool is that?

Exciting times, they are a comin’!