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Dad’s Par-ty!

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At last! I got the pictures from Carollea of Dad’s party.

Remember the Big Day? It was so much fun!

These two are deep in discussion. Never fails when they get together.

Of course, fun times were had at the party. Naturally, Dad shared in several hugs and handshakes.

Sparky was the name of Dad’s horse. (There should have been a comma after the you, but hey. Perfection is boring. LOL)

The cake was delicious! Half chocolate, half white and a cherry filling. Oh, baby! The girls at Homeland bake a mean cake.

Jeffrey and I grilled hamburgers, I caught my grill on fire. (Not my fault! There was too much fat in the meat. That’s my story and I’m sticking!)

Everyone in the office brought dishes to share. I’m telling you, these women can cook!

And this crew can eat! They didn’t even back off when they found out I was helping with the hamburgers. 🙂

But before a bite was eaten, before one person filled his (or her) plate, we thanked God– for health, and friends and, most importantly (in my book, anyway) for family, near and far, and those who’ve gone on before us, but shaped our lives and helped us become who we are.

The best gift of all.


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Par-ty! Par-ty! Par-ty!

We had a party for Dad, Monday at work. Everyone in the office usually cooks lunch for him, but this time I wanted to invite the rest of the crew. All the guys who work in different parts of the business.

So I talked the other girls into it. They took care of signing everyone up for dishes. I talked MS and Nephew into loaning us their gas grills to do the cooking on.

We decided to borrow tables from the church. We all signed a card.

Trouble was, everything had to be taken care of that morning. Gas grills brought in. Hamburger patties made. Tables and chairs hauled over. Veggies bought and sliced up for the burgers.

So I woke up at ten minutes till four with my internal alarm sounding like a fire bell. I piled out of bed, ran down the stairs and turned eleven pounds of ground chuck into 1/3 pound patties. 🙂

By 8:30 I was headed to town in my borrowed pickup.

Thankfully, I had a ton of help. Preacher Dave and his side kick brought over table and chairs with a little help from Nephew and one of the guys in the office. Then Nephew and Office Guy brought in a grill.

We figured on around fifty and hoped we wouldn’t have half that many. LOL. I decided to count once between turning burgers and catching them on fire (thankfully, Brother Jeffrey was there to get me through the trauma and teach me to cook for a crew that size.)

Here’s how the counting went.

Me: “One, two, three–”

Omega: “Susan?”

Me: “–fifteen, sixteen, seventeen–”

Omega: “Susan?”

Me: “–twenty one, twenty two, twenty–“

Omega: “SUSAN?”

Me: “–thirty three, thirty four, th–”

Omega: “SUS-SAN!!!”

Me: “–irty five–what?”

Omega: “Do we have any paper towels?” That’s not really what she asked, but it was about that important. *wink*

After that, I think I caught MS’s grill on fire and the counting stopped.

We had a great time anyway. The cake (I didn’t take a camera, but Carollea did. I’m hoping she’ll share her pics since I shared my batteries.) was a full sheet, half chocolate, half white with a cherry filling. Happy Birthday Carol was written on it along with this picture

The picture was blown up to 8 1/2 x 11 and printed on sugar paper. (I thought they used rice paper, but the bakery told me I was wrong.)

Up in the corner, I had them write, “Love you, Sparky.” Except the cake decorator didn’t know there’s a comma after you and before Sparky, so it looked as if Dad’s nickname was Sparky. It wasn’t. That was his horse’s name.

So after we ate a ton of great food–burgers, chips, dips, baked beans, mac and cheese, pasta salad, etc. we ate cake.

Now I’m going to have to give out an award.


The award goes to . . . DIL2. She brought what she called Crack Dip, named that for good reason. It made you want to eat until you popped. (I nearly did.)

Here’s how you make it.

16 oz sour cream
one cup shredded cheddar cheese
one package powdered ranch dressing mix
one package bacon bits (the soft kind in the bag, not the jar.)

Mix and let sit for 24 hours before serving with crackers or chips. (Or on a spoon or the tip of your finger. It’s that good!)

DIL2 also brought a cheese cake, chocolate chip dessert thing so good, she’s probably destined to bring it to every family function until the end of the world.

Just saying. 🙂

Anyway, a great time was had by all. And Dad didn’t really mind celebrating his birthday (too much. )

If Carollea can download the pictures, I’ll share them with you.