Susan Spess Shay

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A Thing Confession

I have a thing. 😦 I know you’ll be disappointed in me, but it’s a real problem. It’s a thing for purses. (Handbags.) And it’s a weird one.

I blame it on my mother.

It’s a search for Purse Perfection

When I was a really little girl, Mom bought me a clear purse for Easter. She showed me I could keep my white gloves in it that day when I wasn’t wearing them. (If I’d worn them long, they wouldn’t have been white.)

I don’t remember a lot about it. Seems as if it was plastic and box shaped and didn’t have color on it anywhere. I just remember thinking it was kind of silly, because everybody could see what was in there–my Sunday School offering and my gloves.

I probably lost it before I was out of Sunday School. LOL. Or maybe I smacked somebody with it and got it taken away from me. I didn’t really care, because it was stupid.

Thus began my search for the perfect purse.

The first bag I remember  needing was a Choo-Choo purse. Anybody remember those?


I mean, I had to have one. HAD. TO.

If you Google it, you see a lot of Jimmy Choo purses, but those aren’t what I mean. This was a purse that looked like a miniature overnight bag. It wasn’t nearly as nice as the one above, which is a Gucci. Mine was square edged and hard.

Not something you could put on and go. (It actually made a good weapon.)

The next bag that caught my interest was called (at least in C-Town) a hatbox.

bag2I can’t imagine why it was called that. (LOL) I didn’t get one.

The next bag I had to have was a straw summer purse. I walked into Bayouth’s Department Store and stopped dead in my tracks. There it was! The purse of my dreams!!!

Actually, it was kind of like the purse worn by Haley Mills in The Parent Trap, a movie I’d seen a couple of years earlier. I didn’t remember the movie at that moment. (I watched it last night and put 2 and 2 together.)

I just had to have it!

It had a long strap and was shaped like the drum that Ricky Ricardo played on I Love Lucy. And it was nearly as big!

I grabbed it and hugged it. Mom said, “No!” so Emile Bayouth gave it to me. For free! (I love that guy!)

I don’t remember carrying it much, but it made for a little extra storage in my bedroom. 🙂

When I was in college, Mom gave me a hippy bag.

It was suede, smallish, flat and had long fringe on the flap, which made it a pain to deal with. But I LOVED it. I mean, was my mom cool or what?

But it wasn’t big enough, so my next bag was just that. A cloth bag with a long strap. Open at the top and had no structure whatever. I loved it, too. (Everyone had one in those days.)

I’m still looking for the perfect bag. I love the shape of a Hobo Purse,


but they usually sprout little nooks and crannies where the stuff I need goes to hide. Right when I need it.

I had a wonderful Coach purse. It had so much room, I had to have smaller bags inside to be able to find anything.

bag3I loved it! First time I noticed one, a friend was carrying it. Rather than wrestle her for it, I bought my own.

And I carried it right up until I had to have shoulder surgery. 😦

So the search goes on for the Perfect Purse. It’s not easy, hunting for perfection, but I will keep trying.

In case you’re wondering, the perfect purse would include room for everything AND my iPad, but be light as a feather. Items inside would be easy to find (a light would help) and easily organized without taking a lot of time, and be self cleaning. And it would need to be so comfortable that I could wear it all day long and forget I had it on.

What’s hard about that?

I’m accepting recommendations. 😉