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Got the Answer?

Answers . . .

I asked three questions on the MAKE ME HOWL Facebook page yesterday. Did you know the answers?

Here they are in case you aren’t on Facebook. (I linked to that page in case you are and haven’t “liked” Jazzy yet.)

#1: What’s another name for a lunar eclipse?

Post your answer in comments.

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#2: What’s the Indian name for the first full moon in January?

Post your answer in comments.

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#3: Where do werewolves come from?

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So, how’d you do? Did you have it 100% right? (I’ll be checking comments to see who did.)



Lunar Eclipse

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I got a call from G-Man yesterday while I was at work. “How would you like to get up at 2:3 0 in the morning with me and watch the eclipse?”

Always ready to do something different, I answered, “Sounds like fun!”

*Snort!* We looked into it a little deeper and found it actually started at 12:30 and would end around 4. By 10:30 I was ready to crash. (I’m usually out like a boxer with a glass jaw by ten. Not a big party-er. Can you tell?)

So G-Man set his alarm for 1:00 am and we hit the hay. When the monster blared, I hopped out of bed, changed out of my sleep shorts into my just-crawled-out-of-bed pants and skipped downstairs. Okay, I didn’t skip, but I made it down the stairs without falling on my face more than once.

When I got down, I didn’t stop. (Afraid I wouldn’t get moving again.) I just headed straight out the door. The earth’s shadow had taken a bite out of the moon, covering a good third of it. I thought about grabbing my camera, but that meant actually unzipping the bag and taking off the lens cover before I pointed it at the sky, so I eighty-sixed that idea.

After watching the moon not change for a few moments, I glanced around to see if my neighbors were all out, oohing and awing. Nope. (Smart neighbors.)

After a few, G-Man came out–fully dressed–to join me. We looked again (moon still hadn’t changed) and went back inside where he had a bowl of ice cream. I had a Diet Dr. Pepper and turned on the TV.

When our treats were gone, we wobbled back outside and the moon had turned a shadowy red color. Now that was worth getting out of bed for, and probably why a lunar eclipse is also called a blood moon.

We admired the moon’s new look for a couple of seconds before we staggered back to bed.

Sorry I don’t have pictures of the big E for you. Now you don’t get to see the eclipse and it’s all my fault. I’m sure you can find a ton of them other places online, or do this–next time there’s a full moon look up, then hold your finger in front of your face so that it covers up about a third of it. You can make your own eclipse. 😉

I wish I could tell you I’d made whipped cream topped hot chocolate in cups rimmed with powdered peppermint for G-Man to sip while we enjoyed the show last night, but I didn’t. (Sorry.)

I did good to get out of bed and not spew. Being startled awake by a blaring monster in the middle of the night upsets my stomach for some reason. Fixing my glass of DDP was almost more than I could handle.

But hey, there’s another  lunar eclipse next year in December. Maybe I’ll do better then. (Really, don’t count on it.)

Did you get up and watch the beauty of the eclipse? Did you take pictures of the blood moon?

Wanna share? 😉