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I’m in mourning.

Yesterday evening, my laptop was pronounced dead. My heart is breaking! (And not just because of the coin it’s going to cost to replace it.)

Weird, I know, but when you think about it, maybe not so much.

Every morning when I got up (usually early) I’d come downstairs and there she’d be, waiting for me. Happy to see me. She even brought up pictures of my kids and oh! So happy memories.

She kept all my important stuff together for me. The books I’ve written. She paid my bills. Kept me in touch with my friends.

Anytime of the day or night, she was there for me. If I wanted to know something, she would tell me–no holding back. She knew what movie star played in which movie. The capital of Bora Bora. What year the polio vaccine was created.

And she knew all about crafts! Beading. Jewelry making. Quilting. Knitting. If I wanted to learn to do a Kirschner stitch, she could tell me. If I didn’t get it, she’d show me pictures. And if I still didn’t get it, she had videos to let me watch someone else do it.

By last night, though, she’d turned blue, then black. When #1 son saw her, he couldn’t get as much as a gasp from her.  I so wanted him to save her. I’d let him try anything. Heart transplant. Mouth to mouth.  ANYTHING.

But the little brat said she was gone.

I miss my girl! 😦

I’ll probably go kicking and screaming, but I’ll have to find a replacement. Right now I’m using  a mini-‘puter we got a couple of years ago when we bought my man his laptop. Handy when your main friend is gone, but just not quite the same.

#1 says only about three companies make computers, and they put different names on them. I’m not thrilled at the idea, but I guess I’ve have to get with it.

Friday I’m having lunch with friends. Maybe I’ll shop afterward. And after I pick up a tube of mascara from Bobbi, and maybe a new eye shadow. That should make the world look brighter.

So what kind of laptop would you recommend? I’m ready to shop!