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Postponing the Fun

Red Barn Beauty

Red Barn Beauty (Photo credit: boodie131)

I know I promised to tell you about the fun Sister Debbie and I had getting loaded after our evening of flea shopping at the Red Barn. And I meant to, first thing this morning.

Sadly, I had to postpone the fun because I had no Internet. No phone service, either, so I couldn’t call anyone to whine. If you’re going to have grief, the good part is whining about it. Right? 🙂

Everything’s up and running this evening, but I had my writers’ group meeting in the mean time in T-Town, and I’m pooped.

I’ll tell you about the load next time.

We really should have taken a trailer. 😉


Shopping Fleas

Running late this morning, but I have a great excuse. I was out with the dry cattle last night. (Grandmother’s saying. It means I was out late.)

I was busy taking beautiful pictures for you. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

Sister Debbie, my shopping guru, her beautiful daughter, Mel, and her sweet baby girl.

 This is a baby that you’d dance for, just to see her smile.

 After work yesterday, the four of us drove to a town that’s not too far away to a flea market sale. I’ll give you a hint about where it is. It’s the home of Oklahoma Spess University.

We walked in the gate and here’s the first thing I saw.

Just like the windows in an adorable potting shed I coveted recently.

I thought, “I want those! I could build that potting shed in my yard.” Okay, I couldn’t really build a potting shed, but I’d have them for someone else to use. 🙂

Deb came up behind me. “I’ve always wanted a pair of those to go beside my patio door.”

But we’d just walked in the gate, so we moved on.

 So many cute ideas.

So many “I wants!”

I even wanted something for my friend. Wish I’d bought it. 😦

And this!

 Just like one Sister Debbie and I had when we were small.

The hardest part was checking out with our fantastic buys.

Isn’t this an adorable jacket?

 “Giddy Up or Go Home”.

Loved this jacket. But I complimented the woman (a bunch) and she didn’t offer to sell it, which I would have if I’d had them for sale.

So I decided to wrestle her for it. Warning: Never try to wrestle a woman for an adorable jacket. They’ll kick your hiney.

Surveying all the fun.

And so, as the sun set in the west, we loaded up and headed for home.

Actually, the loading up is the funny part. I’ll fill you in on that tomorrow.

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