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Movie Lovin’ Me

I love movies. I probably caught that bug from my parents. When they were middle school age, they’d sit together at the free movies shown out-of-doors in Old ‘Ford. 🙂 They enjoyed watching movies together until the day Mama passed.

I watch very little commercial TV because I hate commercials. Movies are my fave!

Some movies I like so much, I’ll watch every time they come on.

  • The Adventures of Robin Hood, starring Errol Flynn. (Did you know James Cagney was originally chosen to play Robin? Oy!)


  • Giant, starring Elizabeth Taylor.


  • ANYTHING starring Greer Garson, especially MRS. MINIVER! Oh, and Pride and Prejudice. And Blossoms in the Dust. (tears!) And I can’t leave out VALLEY OF DECISION with both Greer and Gregory Peck. (Y-U-M!!!)


  • Lots and lots of John Wayne movies shine at the top of the list. Flying Tigers, Angel and the Bad Man, Shepherd of the Hills, The Cowboys, Stagecoach and HONDO! to name a few.


  • Tomorrow is Forever, with Orson Welles, Claudette Colbert and Natalie Wood. (Love that one!)
  • Jane Eyre with Orson Welles, Joan Fontaine and Elizabeth Taylor (although her part was un-credited, you can’t help but notice her. She’s a beautiful little girl!)
  • Only Angels Have Wings with Cary Grant. (Another yum!)
  • A Season For Miracles (A GREAT Christmas movie written by MARILYN PAPPANO!)

If I’m feeling a little down or depressed (or sad) all I have to do is watch one of these movies and I’ll feel so much better!

Of course, there are some movies that once I’ve seen them (or a portion of them) I’ll run a mile to keep from watching again. (If I’m feeling good and have to watch one of these movies, my mood falls flat as three-day-old road kill on a busy highway!)


  • Das Boot (top of G-Man’s list, the BOTTOM of mine!) A movie about a submarine crew. Follows every nano-second of their voyage (zzzzz) and they die in the end. 😦
  • Helter Skelter– Charles Manson, his family and their murders. Makes my stomach hurt.
  • Sommersby–I love Richard Gere, but HATE this movie because he falls in love with Jodie Foster, but rather than admit he’s not who he says he is, he choses to die. (Yuck.)
  • Beavis and Butthead–Remind me of a pair of characters I knew growing up. They make my stomach hurt.

There are several movies I’ve never watched because my stomach hurts just thinking about them.

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • The Last House on the Left
  • The Hills Have Eyes
  • ANY of the HALLOWEEN movies.
  • Nightmare on Elm Street

So . . . looking back at what I like, what I hate and what I won’t even look at, I have a feeling I’m revealing a lot about myself. (I love HEA, happy, snappy, don’t-think-too-hard-just-enjoy-them film. Books, too.)

What movies do you like? Any idea what that says about you?

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Pirate Day

Does reading about the shooting in Aurora hurt your heart as much as mine? The more I read about it, the more I cry. (Just call me Tears Aplenty.)

So today, I’m going to talk about something totally scattered and frivolous. PIRATE DAY!

I’m not referring to “Talk Like a Pirate Day” . (Tips tricorn hat to #1 Son.)

TLAPD is still 57 days away. I’m talking about my favorite movie channel, Turner Classic Movies, showing pirate movies today.


I have to work, but I’ve set several to record. (Hope there’s room on the DVR.) Right now, CAPTAIN KIDD is on, starring a yummy Randolph Scott when he was really, really young, and Charles Laughton, who probably didn’t have a yummy day in his life, but was still a good actor. 🙂

I’m amazed to learn there are so many pirate-y, sailing ship movies. Some are my all time favorites, such as Captain Horatio Hornblower with Gregory Peck. I drool over the characters he plays.

And of course, several of those movies star Errol Flynn. Everyone knows Errol was from Australia, but did you know he was born in Tasmania? 🙂 I wonder if they called him The Tasmanian Devil? 😉

Arlie, a deceased friend of my dad’s, was a pilot for Transworld or American or some airline in his heyday, and he claimed to know Errol. The actor like to sit in the copilot’s seat on long trips.

Arlie said he’d gotten to know Errol so well, he’d stay on the guy’s yacht with him from time to time. He said Errol loved women, and Arlie loved being around to catch any extras that floated by.

Do you enjoy a good, old fashioned, romping movie without foul language or extraneous sex? Pop over to the Turner channel today and enjoy. (Or be like me and record.)

So far, I’m loving it. 😛