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Fling into Spring

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Know what happened this weekend? Spring hit!

Here’s what has to say about Spring:

At the start of spring—the vernal equinox—day and night are each approximately 12 hours long (with the actual time of equal day and night, in the Northern Hemisphere, occurring a few days before the vernal equinox). The Sun crosses the celestial equator going northward; it rises exactly due east and sets exactly due west.

Just like the birds fly north in spring, some things happen to me every year. Other than the calendar, here’s how I can tell it’s spring:

  • I clean up my garden. (Finally!)
  • I start my annual spring diet. (Not to be confused with my annual summer, fall and/or winter diets.) 
  • I’m excited (and completely amazed) when my perennials start growing.  
  • I buy every gardening magazine I can get my hands on and read the words right off the page.
  • I dream big dreams about what I want my gardens to look like.
  • My energy never matches the size of my imagination.

To be honest, I’m a little intimidated when it’s time to start yardwork. There’s always so much to do, I look at it all and think, “Where do I start?”

After trimming back all the stuff I should have whacked last fall, I can at least breathe a little easier. And after that I take one little piece at a time and when I get that one started, I move on to the next.

And it usually works.

Columbine. Grows under a tree and is completely beautiful!

I love blue flowers. They’re hard to find, but oh, so beautiful!

So, anything happen in your life when spring lands on you?


New Years Eve

Fireworks at New Years 2002

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My New Years Eve started early.


This is Molly. She was a rescue dog, but now she’s the queen of the castle.

She protects her family from marauding opossums who try to steal from our pond.

She’s a little shy, but she tries to help us watch our weight. *If you don’t want that meat, I’ll take care of it!*

And she’s really bad about looking away just when I snap her picture.

She keeps the snow in line. She even lets us know when it’s storming. 

When Molly first came to rule the house, she was thrilled because she thought we’d installed an indoor bathroom for her. G-Man and I, however, had in mind using it for a living room. Since we couldn’t come to a meeting of the minds, G-Man and I installed a baby gate to keep “accidents” from happening.

Clever Molly has found that she can use said gate as an early alarm system. Anytime it storms, she just grabs the gate with her teeth and shakes it. Hard. And. Wakes. Me. Up.

This morning, a t-storm rolled through at 3:30. At 3:31 she was rattling the gate and I was downstairs, trying to keep her quiet.

The last day of 2010 started early is going to be v-e-r-y long.

It’s 5:15 now and she’s peacefully sleeping on the love seat. I have to start fixing G-Man’s breakfast in thirty minutes. *sigh* I think I’ll take a quick nap.