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Still playing make believe.

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Take a Shot

When I’m inspired, I like to snap a pic. (Yeah, my phone/camera stays hot theses days.)


A few things pushed my WOW  button recently.



My first-ever favorite author, Louisa May Alcott. I loved her book, LITTLE WOMEN, when I was just a little girl. I loved the way she thought and spoke and, well, was. (She doesn’t look like I thought she would, though.)

1185086_10151851029032456_793112898_nI thought this book looked like a great way to get kids started reading. Little Bit isn’t very into books yet, but he loves stories!


Good to know there’s no time limit, huh?

sweet-caraThis sweet girl visited the office for a few minutes this week. Deegan had to show off just a little for her. 🙂


I saw this one in my head. (That happens.) 😉


DIL took this one and I’ve posted it before. It fills me with WOW, so I thought I’d share it again with you.

Back to Louisa May. (She inspires me!) The power is ours. We can make our wishes come true, if we just keep believing!