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Our Small Town

This is the picture I posted last time. It’s a section of a postcard, postmarked 1907.

You can still see the postmark–1907. The year Oklahoma became a state. If you’re wondering, that’s a one cent stamp up there in the corner. A 1902 series.

Here’s the entire postcard–

The rock building on the left is still there today. The sign on it says Gent’s Furnishings–men’s clothes. I believe a family named Martin owned it. Looking closely, I can see R-T-I-N painted on the rock at the extreme left edge of the picture.  

From the angle of the picture, it looks as if it was shot from the corner where my office stands today. That’s another very old building there in C-Town.

I’ve been told that our building was originally a funeral parlor. Kind of an eerie thought (for me, at least.) I’ve been in and out of the place most of my life (it was a furniture store when I was growing up) and I’ve never seen any sign of it’s original purpose.

Of course, I lived in Pryor Creek when they did the renovation to make it our office. My bil, Noel, worked on it, though. I should probably ask him if they found any strange drains, vaults or odd body parts. 😉

It’s hard to tell what everything is in the picture, so I got out a handy dandy magnifier.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s very nice to have sometimes. It’s very strong.

I looked through it at the postcard so I could see small details. There are three oil derricks in the picture. (Derricks in those days were left as a permanent part of the well, I think, so they could pull the well–take the pump and rods/tubing out–when there were problems. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.)

The streets of C-Town were all dirt at that time. Imagine what it was like during rainy days. No fun at all! We think we have trouble keeping mud and oil off the carpet  today, but imagine it then. LOL.

Someone had a brick plant outside of C-Town, so at some point, Broadway and many of the side streets were paved with brick. I’ve seen a picture (somewhere–probably in the tag office) of the men laying that brick. Broadway’s brick has since been paved over, but the beautiful side streets are still brownish red bricks. One of my many favorite things about our Small Town World.