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Goober Gala

I started to call this post “GOOBER WORLD” but if Dad saw it, he’d wonder what it had to do with peanuts. 🙂 I’m can be such a goober, though, I thought I’d share some of my goober-isms from the last week with you.

Can you see the baby in this picture?

Maybe not, but he’s there. How about the next one?

 I’ll bet you do. It’s a baby-ish bunny. One I rescued from the snake.

Yes, he’s cute. And he’s sweet. But Goober here (that would be me) rescued this little guy so he could eat my garden plants. How silly is that? But honestly, wouldn’t you think that since I saved him from the black jaws of the evil snake, he’d be at least a little grateful?

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We Celebrate

Saturday night, my man and I met our kids and kids-in-laws to celebrate our family’s December and January birthdays.

Yes, it was February. Yes, we were late. Yes, I’m usually late, and my boys’ wives are always early when they plan something. I hope I’m gonna be just like them when I grow up!

We usually make everyone happy giftwise by just handing over a check, so each kiddo can get exactly what they want. And we did that Saturday.

But #1 son got a little extra.

I was cleaning out a file cabinet and found some things I thought he might enjoy having. Three baseball trophies (T-ball?) and the trophy he received when he won Pryor Creek’s science fair. He also won the state science fair (in his section) and got a grant for his school from the State Geological Society. (I think the school bought a fossil with it.)

I also gave him a copy of the book he wrote when he was in grade school.


Notice, I gave him a COPY. Not the original book. It’s mine. It lived in my bedside table for years, then moved to my office file cabinet. Can you say proud mama?

I’m thinking he was in about the 4th or 5th grade when he wrote it, because by 6th grade, Mrs. Head had become Mrs. Davison.

I know it’s my book, because of the dedication.

 “Dedicated to my mother, who helped and pulled me through this (rather complicated) book.”

Notice, he took a pen name. DJ Dexter.  Don’t ask me where he came up with it. I have no idea. LOL!

 DJ Dexter also illustrated the book. (Multi-talented author, isn’t he?) Notice the symbol in the upper right hand side of the picture? He thinks it was supposed to be a pentagram with a strike through, like in Ghostbusters.


I love the story. (I have permission from DJ Dexter himself to post it here, but it’ll be another day.) My little boy did a wonderful job!

But there’s another part I enjoyed almost as much. It’s from the teacher and on the inside cover.

Danny, you have completed an entire book that didn’t exist weeks ago–except in your imagination. You read each other’s stories & asked questions about things you didn’t understand & that’s reading. You edited for capitalization and punctuation & and that’s language.

You work in groups cooperatively & that’s social studies. So when you wondered, “Why didn’t Mrs. Head give us more homework on our books?” you didn’t realize what skills you were using every day.

I loved watching you . . . thinking, changing and rearranging your text & illustrations, to get them just right. I love your book, because it shows what you can do when you let your creative genius & your academic brain work as partners.

But most of all, I love you for your courage & determination when you turned that rough copy into a masterpiece & those blank pages into brilliant illustrations.

I hope your book will be a treasure to you & remind you not to quit . . . because you do have the abilities to turn your dreams into realities.

Love, Mrs. Head.

Wasn’t Mrs. Head (aka Joanie Davison) a great teacher? I can’t say that about all the teachers my kids had through the years, but I still appreciate the really good teachers who, like Mrs. Head, went above and beyond to encourage the kids.

Thank you!

Any fantastic teachers in your life or your kids? Tell them thanks.


Oh, Happy Day!


Today is #1 son’s birthday.

When he was born, his daddy said he looked like a drowned rat. I nearly smacked him on the spot! LOL. But he got over the wet look fairly quickly and turned into a beautiful little boy, who kept his parents laughing (and on their toes) for a long time.

I know exactly what he’s saying in this picture. “Hurry up, Mom, so we can get good seats.” We were getting ready to ride a stage coach in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He probably figured he’d get to drive the stage.

After all, he got to drive for this guy. Why not the stage coach?Danny was always sweet and full of great ideas. Just ask his cousin, Kyle, who got in trouble several times when he followed my boy’s lead.

Such as the time I gave them orange popsicles and put them on the porch to eat them so they wouldn’t drip all over my house. They went for a walk in 53 acres of woods without letting me know they were leaving “Because you wouldn’t have let us go.”


Or the time they decided to spray paint my garage and everything in it.

Or the time they called the operator and said bad words. “Darn!” and “Shut up!”

Like I said, Danny could make all of us grin. And keep us grinning.

 Danny gave us a gift a few years ago–his wife. Yes, she wears a crown. She deserves one! She’s a joy and has made life in the Shay Clan so much fun. (Can you tell I like her?)

This is for you from Grandmommy, kiddo. She adored you.

Little Danny Donkey

I hate to talk about it cause it’s sad enough for tears,
but little Danny donkey doesn’t like to wash his ears.
At breadfast every morning Danny’s mother sent him back
to do his washing over for his ears were very black.
They say he’s doing better now and, oh, I hope it’s true.
I’d hate to be so careless and so lazy wouldn’t you?

I love you, baby!!!

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Sunday Morning

Today is Matt, my boy’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIDDO!

Doesn’t he have a great smile? Like my other two boys, this kid is the greatest! God blessed me so richly when he gave me my guys.That’s Baby Matt, screaming at Santa while Danny grins at the camera. I love that picture.

But the brat did two things to make me even older than I already was this year. He got married . . .

and he had this big birthday. It doesn’t make him old, but it sure ages his mama. 🙂

That’s all right, though. I’ll just keep in mind that, when they have kids, the smiles on those babies will be fantastic!

God bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you.

Love you, Matt! Happy birthday!!!


Ready For Some Football?

C-Town starts out each year playing our fiercest rivals. The ones who’ve beat us nearly as many times as we’ve beat them. (And, boy! Does it hurt!)

There was a time when that town beat us year after year. And they beat us bad! Once I remember a score of 12 to 72. (C-Town Tigers were 12.) It was an ugly night!

But this year (just a century or so after the 72 to 12 debacle) we got a little pay back.

I have two nephews on the team, she said her chest puffing with pride.

That’s the two of them, discussing strategy  during a lull in the game.

#83 even made the news!

Watch all the way to the end to see it.

Both nephews played most (if not the entire) game. And their sisters were there. Let me show you.

These are #83’s sisters with the blonde’s foster child.

This is #14’s sister.

This is #14’s nephew and my son.

Omega’s baby daughter with #14’s nephew.

 Omega’s older daughter. Her t-shirt says, My 2 favorite teams are C-Town Tigers and anyone who beats Hominy. 🙂

That’s not all the family I had a the game, but I should show you there were other people there besides Spess offspring.

This is a sweet girl who goes to the same church I do. If you look closely, you’ll see handprints on her arms in paint. They’re on her legs, too. I saw a lot of kids with hand prints on them, but I didn’t hear the reason for it. Looked cute, though!

This little cutie was cheering for #24. She did a fantastic job! (I think #24 made one of the touchdowns!)

I couldn’t end this without showing you our tiger! I think it’s adorable. Oh, and the final score?

47-7 C-Town! Not exactly 12-72 but close enough. 🙂