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Still playing make believe.


The Happy Scarecrow

Like my new header? The happy scarecrow was a guest at our church’s Harvest Hoedown one year (Last year, I think. LOL) and I couldn’t keep from snapping his pic.

I had four pics to choose from.


I love old wagons. The rustier the better!


And I love, love, love old barns. I thought this was so cool!


I almost chose this one. Do you like it? I do!

But The Happy Scare Crow won out. Why?


Because his arms are spread wide in welcome,

header-threehe has a happy grin on his face

header-threeand he makes me feel good!

That’s what I want for visitors here at STW. Be happy, feel good and know you’re very welcome!

header-threeSo which pic do you like? I’ll use the others later.

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Happy Birthday, Matt!

Number Two Son, Matt, is having a birthday today.  I love this boy! He had the sweetest smile in the world when he was a kid

matt and grandmommie_edited-1

and he’s got the same sweet smile today. (Okay, it was his wedding day, but the smile is still the same!)


Happy birthday, Matt! Hope this next year is the best year of your life!!!



Know what today is?


Okay, I have to admit, it’s doesn’t rank up there with Valentine’s Day, but hey, it’s CHILI! And at least one of my sons makes award-winning chili. If a man does the cooking and I don’t have to, that makes me celebrate!

It’s also National Chocolate Covered Nut Day. And National Pistol Patent Day. I really think we should party.

Of course, this month we’ve already missed National Serpent Day

and National Weatherman’s Day. 😦

But not to worry. In just a few days we can celebrate Leap Day.

You know about Leap Day, right? It’s the day St. Bridget talked St. Patrick into letting allowing women to propose to men instead of just the other way around. (1 day every four years. That’s fair.) It’s also known as Bachelors Day. A man who was proposed to and turned the woman down had to pay a penalty of a gown or money to the woman he wouldn’t marry.

Babies born on Leap Day are called Leaplings or Leapers.

Leap Day is also St. Oswald’s Day. (If you have information about St. Ossie, let  me know.)

Did you know:

  • Superman was a Leap Day baby? In 1988, Superman celebrated his 50th birthday!  
  • Leap Day isn’t the same as Sadie Hawkins Day.
  • The Leap Day symbol is a frog or toad?
  • The official Leap Day game is Leap Frog?

But that’s in a few days. Today’s National Chili Day. Make a batch and share.

Tomorrow celebrate Tell a Fairy Tale Day.

Monday we can all dance! It’s No Brainer Day.

Live happy. Find reason each day and CELEBRATE!!!


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Happy Birthday, Sister Cindy!

Sister Cindy’s having a birthday today. Because she’s my younger sister, and it would in a way be telling on myself, I won’t tell you her age. 🙂 (Mama always said, “A woman who’ll tell her age will tell anything,” and I agree.)

So how will my sister celebrate? Probably by going to work. She works at a T-Town hospital, helping new mamas who want to feed their babies the “right” way. (She an RN and a Lactation Something-or-other.)

Little known facts about Sister Cindy:

  • A riproaring success as a preschool model in a fashion show in the basement of the Methodist Church.

  • The quietest Spess kid.
  • Told the second grade teacher who’d taught the first three Spess girls and was preparing to teach #4, “She isn’t like the rest of us.”
  • Was left at church TWICE, and had to be taken home by the preacher.
  • Wore braces on her teeth. (As did all the Spess sisters except #4. She really was different.)
  • Could have been the New Shirley Temple . . . if she’d had blond hair. And corkscrew curls.
  • Got Mama’s hands.

  • The only Spess Sister with a college degree. (With five kids to outsmart, she needed it!)

  • Uncle Charlie liked her best. (Everyone else might have like her best, but Uncle Charlie didn’t try to hide it.)
  • FFA Sweetheart!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sister Cindy. Hope it’s a great one!