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Happy Birthday, Matt!

Number Two Son, Matt, is having a birthday today.  I love this boy! He had the sweetest smile in the world when he was a kid

matt and grandmommie_edited-1

and he’s got the same sweet smile today. (Okay, it was his wedding day, but the smile is still the same!)


Happy birthday, Matt! Hope this next year is the best year of your life!!!



HBD Leekabeth!

♪♫ Happy birthday to you . . .
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, Number Four!!!
Happy birthday to you. ♫♪


Lisa is one of my four favorite sisters in the world, and today’s her birthday.

School age Lisa

School age Lisa

She’s one of those kids that people just enjoy being around. She’s fun and funny and a great friend.

She picked out three wonderful wives for her boys.

It's hard to tell which one is older, but Lisa is 2nd from the right.

It’s hard to tell which one is older, but Lisa is 2nd from the right.

And then she found some good looking grandsons. (I only have a picture of one, and it’s old. But the other two look kind of like him.)

Nicole, Lisa, Braden and Wayne

Lisa is probably single-handedly running all three of their stores today. She might not even have time for anyone to call and sing Happy Birthday to her.

But if you want, you can leave your happy birthday wishes for her here. I’ll send them to her later. 🙂




Omega and the Pig

amy and noelOmega had a birthday last week. (She’s the movie star on the left.)

amy's-sombreroLike my kiddos, every time Omega has a birthday, I get older. (How does that work, anyway?)

amy-and-dad-2This year, she made it even worse. Just before her b-day, she made a comment. “It’s awful being the designated card maker for the office. I have to make my own card,” or something really whiny like that.

amy-and-jonnaAgain, Omega is the movie star on the left.

Of course, she has no idea what a comment like that does to me.

amy and mattIt’s like–

  • Hitting the gas on a race car.
  • Lighting the fuse on a firecracker.
  • Waving a red flag at a bull.

Naturally, I shot into action. Here’s what she got.


Can you read it? It says,

Love you little.

Love you big!

Notice, I even pinked the bottom edge of that front page.

AMY-D'S-BDLove you like a little pig.

The (free on the internet) pig was centered and I put him on a little cardboard spring I made so he’d stand up and wave at her. 🙂

The saying is one that has come down through our family. When I was thinking about this card, I wondered which side of the family it came from. Did Great-Great-Granddad make it up? Great-Uncle August?

I googled it so see if anyone else had heard of our secret Love You poem.

In less than a second, I got 28 million hits. I didn’t go to all of them, most of the ones I did go to thought that saying (poem?) was original to their family. Either their father or grandfather or great uncle on Aunt Hattie’s side made it up.

One had it as the beginning of a long poem that went on with stuff like love you in, love you out, love you like a little sprout. His readers thought he’d made it up.

So, anybody know?

Maybe my brilliant Son #1 will find out for me, she said hopefully. And no, it wasn’t G-Man. LOL.

Happy B-day, Omega. You’re a hoot and a half.

amyThis is the age I like to remember her. (Makes me younger, too.)


☺Mama’s Birthday☺

What were you doing eighty-one years ago today? 😉 Okay, you probably weren’t a glimmer yet.

Eighty-one years ago, my grandma was having a baby. A beautiful baby with black hair and big eyes. Many years later, that baby became my mama. 🙂

She’ll probably smack me when I get to heaven for telling her age. She used to say, “A woman who’ll tell her age will tell anything.” (She also told me, “If you don’t start lying about your age, I’ll have to stop lying about mine. LOL.)

This is Mama.

And this–

Mama at about 14 or 15–(Holding Cousin Liz.)

And this is Mama, all grown up. Or maybe it’s her senior picture. I’m not sure. 🙂 But that was pretty close to grown up. She got married three or four months later.

When I was a kid, once a month Mama went to Birthday Club. I’ve never known exactly what it was about, but several women here in C-Town would go out and eat. The women whose birthday month it was got a gift.

I hated that night. Not because Dad took care of us (Grandmother, next door, was always available to help) but because it was a part of Mama’s life I couldn’t be part of, too. (Aren’t kids weird?)

By the time I was an adult, the women were celebrating Birthday Club at individuals’ swimming pools around town. I never was a part of it, even though other women my age were, because by that time I loved it that Mom had something that was hers alone.

Funny how we change, isn’t it?

Today is Mama’s birthday, and a different Birthday Club will be celebrating. The BC at work goes out once a month, and for July, we’re celebrating today. We’re supposed to be telling Mendy and Rick HBD, but in my heart (and many of the people who’ll be there–Jeffrey, Amy, Kyle, Laura, Hope, Faith, Mallory and with luck, Deb) we’re celebrating Mama.

We’re having Mexican Food–Mom’s favorite. 🙂

And we’ll have a great time!

Happy birthday, Mama. We love you!


Happy Birthday, Sister Debbie!

Debbie gave me this picture several years ago in a frame that says, “Sisters.” She’s the baby,  and that’s our gorgeous mama.

And today’s Deb’s birthday.

One of my favorite things about Debbie is her wonderful and warped sense of humor.I don’t remember what Jeffrey did to crack us up in this picture. Debbie’s seated here, wearing black and  white, and saying, “I’m the nice one.”

That made us laugh all over again. 🙂

Debbie is the sister everyone wishes they had. She’s fun and funny, a wonderful, loyal friend, a cohort in crime and a world class shopper.

Her life hasn’t always been easy, but she’s always taken the high road.

More than the sister of a lifetime, she’s a sister for eternity. Debbie is one of the most spiritual people I know.

Deb is on the right.

When trouble came in her life that would have made most women run to a lawyer, she ran to the Lord. She fasted and prayed for over a year, seeking God’s perfect will.

Thank you, Debbie, for being a special sister of my heart.

Thank you for getting in trouble with me, for being so much like Mama even though I look most like her :), for being there every time I’ve needed you, for having a sense of humor and for know God in a way few people ever do and being so willing to share Him.

Happy birthday!

I love you!


Watching Over Us

I love this picture!

This was taken on Omega’s birthday. She’s smiling for my picture, but what I love is the way Dad is watching over her. It makes my heart warm and reminds me of the way God watches over His children. Loving us. Guiding us. Teaching us.

Because of him, the fact that God is our Father and He loves the stuffings out of us makes so much sense.

I took several good pictures that day.

We were celebrating February birthdays that day at the local Mexican restaurant. This is the obligatory birthday picture.

My walking buddy also had a birthday in February.

As everyone knows, if you put on a sombrero on your birthday, you’ll have good luck throughout the year! Or is that a spanking?

Hatman had to try a sombrero on, too.

Maybe he knew about the luck thing. Looks like it’s weighing him down, doesn’t it?

  Who, me?

But of all the pictures I took that day, this has to be my favorite.

It might be the best picture I’ve taken. Ever.

“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.” Exodus 20:12 NIV

2 “Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— 3 “so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”[a] Ephesias 6:2-3 NIV.


Pass the Hat

We celebrated March birthday parties at work yesterday by going out to eat. We LOVE going out to eat.

Every month, the boss takes the entire crew out. The birthday-ers get to choose the lunch spot. Sadly, there’s not a great big choice in C-Town. And if we go on a Monday or Tuesday, which we usually do, we have even fewer choices because one of the restaurants in our Small Town World is now closed two days out of the week.

And we really don’t have time to get to T-Town on our lunch break.

Omega is in charge of the party, and she’s good at it. She creates the perfect b-day cards, gets everyone to sign them, buys gift certificates, lets the restaurants know what time we’re coming and shoos everyone out the door when it’s time to go.

She also is the daughter-in-charge of helping Dad remember to send cards to his grandkids for their birthdays. It used to be me, but I kept forgetting.

Omega almost never forgets, except when she does. 🙂

So, back to yesterday. We partied at the Mexican restaurant in town. They have a room with long tables in it. Big enough to hold our entire bunch. And just about everyone was there.

We mostly got what we ordered, and had a lot of fun, chatting while we waited.

At the end of the meal, the waiters brought a couple of sombreros for the birthday kids and sang a happy birthday song.

My office mate, Anna.

 Then we play the party game–Pass the Hat. 🙂

 My hat loving buddy.

Yesterday we celebrated Anna’s and Cousin Gary’s birthdays. Sorry I missed a picture op of Gary wearing a dusty, old, pink sombrero. Maybe next time. 😉