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Barbie Has Brains!

Barbie dolls are almost exclusively considered...

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This is a first for me. I’m posting this the night before it’s gonna publish. Let’s just hope I make sense. LOL.

I wanted to tell you about lunch today. My brother’s oldest daughter is home for Christmas, so we all went out to lunch. (At least those of us who weren’t out of pocket.)

Now I have to tell you, this girl is gorgeous and has brains out the wazoo. (Think Barbie with a ton of brains.) Her younger sister is also, well, a doll with brains and spice.

These are my bro’s girlies. Didn’t lie, did I? They’re both b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, and uber smart, too! If you could meet their mom and dad, you’d understand. Julie’s as pretty as the girls are, and Jeffrey looks like a young Cary Grant. They have a younger son who’s a lady killer. You should see this kid! 

I just love the stuffin’s out of all of them! Lucky person that I am, I get to work with Laura (the honey on the right in the picture) once in a while. She’s going to be an elementary teacher. I have a feeling that when she gets that job, a bunch of not-elementary-aged-guys will flock in to try to do  the Billy Madison thing.

And Ashley (real-live-Barbie) is almost a PA–that’s Physician’s Assistant for those of you who don’t know. (If I know, everyone knows! LOL) She lives in a Far Away Land–Tennessee–is married to a minister (!) and is nearly an almost-doc.

I know next-to-nothing about PAs, but I understand they have to learn 3/4 of what a med student does in 1/2 the time! Or is it the other way around? Anyway, it isn’t easy to do, and this girl is at the tip-top of her class. (Told you Barbie has brains!)

And she not only told me she reads this blog, she proved it by quoting it a couple of times. *Gulp!*

I don’t even have good stories about her. She was one of those nice girls who really didn’t do anything to tell stories about–well, maybe once.

She was spending the night, and Grandaddy told her she had to eat her salad. (She didn’t like lettuce. Just crutons, cheese and dressing.) She cried, which made my BB feel sorry for her. He stepped in ate it for her so she wouldn’t have to. And that’s the worst story I can tell about Ashley. 😉

Now, Ashley, prove you read my blog. POST A COMMENT!!! At least say hi. <G>

Love you!