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Still playing make believe.



I have to tell you about a book I’m absolutely loving. I think you will, too.

The book is called, “Transitions,” by Becki Hawkins, a dear friend I got to know when I lived in Pryor Creek.

Becki is one of the most beautiful women I know–both physically and spiritually. I thank God I had the opportunity to get to know her each time I think of her.

 Looks like a movie star, doesn’t she? She’s not. She’s simply one of the nicest people I know–to everyone she meets. Bar none.

And she’s a fantastic story-teller!

This is Becki with her hubby. Really good guy! They’re one of those couples who make you wonder if they were both always that nice or if one had learned about nice from the other. She mentions him a time or two in her book. 🙂

This is her book. It’s wonderful. So good, I’m running late today, and it’s all Becki’s fault! (G-Man nearly missed breakfast because I was so engrossed in Transitions.)

For most of her career, Becki was a hospice nurse. But these are anything but sad stories. They’re delightful! Wonderful accounts of the souls she met during the years she helped those who were about to die and the families who go on.

I can’t wait to read the rest of her book. I want to see if she included the stories I remember–such as the man who described the angels that were filling his room just before he went Home. When Becki told us that story, I so wished I could have been there to hear first hand what he was seeing!

Even her chapter titles are delightful. Coon Hounds and Chickens, Home To Be With My Boy, As Mean As A Snake, Mink Coat And Tennis Shoes, as well as some that are heart touching–The Black Sheep, The Spirit of the Home, and Do You See Them? (I’m going to pop over and see if that’s the account of the man who saw the angels.)

Please, please, please pop over to and order her book. You have to click SHOPPING on the right side of the page to order the book, but if you scroll to the bottom of the home page, you can see Becki talking.

She’ll even autograph it personally before it’s mailed to you. After you fill out all the pertinent information (where to send it, etc) there’s a box that says, Comments/Special Delivery Instructions. Ask for her autograph there.

Ps: All pictures swiped from Becki on Facebook.



It’s another WOWed Wednesday!

What’s WOW-worthy for you today?

I’m WOWed by the kindness some people show others. Last fall in C-Town, several people started filling Christmas Jars. The idea is to drop money in the jar each week, then secretly leave it on someone’s doorstep at Christmas.

After Christmas, there were letters to the editor in The C-Town American about appreciation and blessings from people who received those jars as well as the people who filled them. WOW!

I’m WOWed by people who give legs to their faith by standing up for what they believe, and then following through with it. Such as the young woman in our church who, even though she has a husband and small children, not only went to India to share Christ and her medical knowledge, she plans to go again!

I’m WOWed that so many big hearted people live in my Small Town World!

I’m WOWed and thankful for the rain we got last Friday. I was really wowed as I drove through it on my way to work, barely able to see the road for the downpour.

I’m WOWed by my great kiddos and kiddos-in-law and the good time we had together the other night as we celebrated birthdays.

I’m WOWed by the goodness in women who work and teach and nurture others without expecting anything in return–such as Beth Moore, Jackie Kramer, Becki Hawkins and Marilyn Pappano.

I’m WOWed that people come by and say hi by reading my blog. And sometimes they even comment on it! 🙂

I’m WOWed that the Creator of the Universe and everything in it loves me!

So, back to my question this morning.

What’s WOW-worthy for you?