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Pinner, Pinner, Chicken Dinner . . . ?

Are you a pinner? I am. In fact, I get just a little excited each time I see that pretty P inside the red circle.

I heard someone say once (a man, of course LOL) that Pinterest should be renamed “All the Things I Want to Buy.”

I don’t think that’s true, but I’m wondering . . . What do you think?

Let me explain my viewpoint–Pinterest is where I keep things I don’t want to lose. I know I have weird names for my boards, but I like them.

  • Autumn Love
  • Glee (my newest board)
  • Organize Me
  • I Wanna Make That
  • Recipes, too
  • Back of My Brain
  • Love it! Love it! Love it!
  • Rusty Love
  • That’s a Great Idea
  • I LOVE Chicken Salad
  • What Do You Know
  • Smile a While

And that’s not even all my boards. 😀

I might never use everything I have pinned (saved) but it’s there if I ever want to go back to it.

9fe3f353742c9d7abb4d213ea1f65ce4Like this poster. I wanted to share it with a friend of mine, so I pinned it.

media_httpchzsomuchpu_eebjb-scaled5001Some of my pins just give me a chuckle.

b72520ef02be365723eba135f027100cOthers remind me of a gift idea for my friends.


Things I like to look at and just might try to duplicate someday.


And, okay yes, things I’d like to buy someday but I can’t find or I just can’t  afford today. (Hey, I don’t want to forget!)

Let me just tell you, Pinning is fun!

So do you Pin, or is this all just a waste of time and Covetousness Central?

If you’re a Pinner, what’s your latest find?




How I Spend My Downtime :)


Have I mentioned I’m easily entertained? (The sign of a small mind? LOL!)

Well, I am. All I need is my iPhone. 🙂 I play Solitare, crossword puzzles and Dots. I Tweet (occasionally) Facebook (often) Vine (rarely) Pinterest (sometimes) and Instagram.  Love Instagram! I do more seeing than sharing, but I’m not creeping! (Honest!!!)

The other day I was chatting with Cousin Barbara and she pulled out her new phone.


Her first iPhone, and guess what! I got to introduce her to SIRI! So! Much! Fun!

She’d never heard of SIRI. (Digital personal assistant.) If you don’t have an iPhone or own one but you haven’t used SIRI, she’s a gas!

She’s supposed to set up appointments for you, dial phone numbers, set reminders, tell you what movies are playing, give you directions, play your music and send text messages for you. (You have to tell her the punctuation.)

I have her do most of that. (I don’t play music, though.) Oh! I almost forgot the phone takes some pretty good pictures. 1-1-kay-county

iPhone pic taken while Brother Jeffrey drove.

And I just found out she’ll post to Twitter and Facebook for me. Who knew? (I know. EVERYONE who owns an iPhone, except me! LOL)

The most fun I have with SIRI, though, is pure entertainment.

If I ask her, “Where do you live, SIRI?” she says, “Here.”

If I tell her she works for me, and she answers, “You’re certainly entitled to that opinion.”

And when I tell her she’s fired (or call her a b**ch) she answers, “But . . . But . . .”

Here’s a list of 100 questions for Siri. Some she answers and some she just looks up on the web. My favorite of the bunch is “How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?”

Ask her,  “Do you like Hockey, SIRI?” Her answer, “Not since that run-in with the Zamboni. I still have nightmares.” LOL!!!

Ask SIRI to tell you a poem. Once she understands you (who, me, say the word “poem” funny? Naw.) she has a great one!

G-Man sat next to me, listening as I asked and re-asked SIRI questions (and made statements.) His response? “You’re gonna get a call from Apple telling you to lay off in a minute.” LOL.

Do you play on your cell phone as much as I do? What’s your favorite thing to do on it? (I need something else to make me laugh.)

I wonder how many people will tell me their favorite thing is, “Making calls!”?

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Haaaaaappy! Vid It.

I saw this on Facebook and shared it there, so if we’re friends (and it we aren’t, WHY NOT???) this is a rerun. But it’s sooooooo good, I wanted to share it here, too. 🙂

I dare you to listen to it and not boogie. (Or at least tap your foot.)

To see the really good video, go here.

But don’t forget to come back. 🙂

Isn’t that just the coolest? I love happy, upbeat songs! And red convertibles. And dancing people!

Get this–one of my friends from high school said her choir will be performing that very song in May! I mean, cool or what? (I need to be there.)

So . . . what do you think? Thumbs up or thumbs down?


Measuring Stick or Burning Bush

Today’s blog is just for me. That way, I can go back and read it again and again.

Maybe I’ll even copy it to my hard drive. That way, if she gives it the ax someday, I’ll still have it.

It’s about what women (girls) do. And we don’t just do it to ourselves, we do it to other women (girls) and let them do it to us. Sometimes, even guys (never men) try to do it to hurt us.

It’s a smack-yourself-on-the-forehead-I-should-have-had-a-V-8 thing.

Let me know what you think.

Ps: Thanks, Ann, for talking to me today.





Ever wonder if you confuse God?

Yesterday, C-Town had a big hoop-la. Big one. Sirens sounded up and down the street. People were evacuated from their homes.

What’s going on?

Naturally, Terminally Curious reared her little head, so Omega and I went to the C-Town American Newspaper to find out what was going on.

Because the sweet woman who runs the office isn’t one to spread unfounded rumors, she couldn’t tell us much . . . until the editor’s mom called. When she wanted to know what was going on, the office lady told what she’d heard (ie: spilled her guts) and, unashamed, we listened.

More rumors filtered in. What’s the first thing you do when you hear about something wild going on around you?

I prayed.

We heard that an ex-husband (or ex-boyfriend or ex-friend, depending on where you heard it) had kicked in a door and was holding a woman and their child hostage. Here’s where I might have confused the Lord. I prayed for this woman and her child and they didn’t even exist!

Since I doubt I’m capable of confusing the Lord, maybe I gave Him a chuckle. “There she goes again, praying for someone who isn’t.”

And I prayed for people who weren’t even involved. We heard a “possible” name about who the guy was (it wasn’t) so I prayed for that guy, his wife and kiddo. I don’t know them (at least he existed and had a wife and child) but I figured God did, and that’s what’s important. Right?

Then my Famous Author BIL came to the office to pick up Omega, and we heard a whole new story. Yup, more prayers for non-existent and non-involved people.

Famous Author BIL

Famous Author BIL

And some our local police were wearing pink t-shirts (for breast cancer awareness. I love our cops!) so I prayed for them when I spotted a pink shirt. At least those prayers were on target! 🙂


So what do you think? When a person (clears throat) prays for someone who doesn’t exist or who isn’t really in the trouble being prayed about, do you think it confuses God or makes Him laugh?

At least no one was injured at all yesterday, and all the police-type people in the area got to put on their armor and get all their toys and practice for the next time a problem like that comes up.

BTW: The really-truly story of what happened was b-o-r-I-n-g. But the afternoon was exciting! 🙂






I Made It Up

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  ― Abraham Lincoln

I didn’t know Honest Abe, but I’ve read about him. And you know what? He was right about a lot of things. Especially this one!

I went to a beautiful friend’s father’s funeral the other day. The funeral was a real celebration of the man’s life. A wonderful, wonderful time of sharing happy, joyful memories.

The man loved God, his family, and life. He served God by leading Boy Scout troops for thirty years! He loved airplanes and had quite a collection, which he donated to the Air and Space Museum several years ago.


The family asked the minister to talk about the man’s life and how he enjoyed it. (I enjoyed learning about him.)

The music was outstanding! The first song was, “AMAZING GRACE,” one of my all time faves.  (Mom’s, too.) And at the end of the service, they played, “SPIRIT IN THE SKY” by Norman Greenbaum.

Gotta love that song! Perfect for the occasion.

After the service while I waited to go through the line so I could hug my friend, a man asked me if I’m happy all the time.

Happy all the time? I told him yes, I try to be. But that wasn’t the complete truth.

Like everyone else, I run the gamut of emotions–happy, sad, excited, bored, joyful, cranky, and once in a while, pissed off. (Oy.) But like Old Abe suggested, I’ve pretty much made up my mind to be happy.

And have you ever noticed that when you say something out loud and often, it’s true?

For instance, I told a critique partner once (after hearing someone complain about having a book deadline) “I love writing. It’s like when I played make believe as a kid. That was always my favorite game!”


I’ve said that many times in the years since that first time. And you know what? Even after all this time, with all the ups and downs in publishing, I LOVE writing.

Since the day I went back to work at my current job, I’ve told anyone who asked, “I LOVE my job!”

I really do. 🙂

Is it true because I say it or do I say it because it’s true? Or maybe if I say it enough times, I’ll learn it?

I’m not really sure. I doubt that it would work in every circumstance. But you know what? There might be power in words.

Ever noticed when someone tells a kid he’s bad often enough, it’ll turn out to be true? Or if you tell him he won’t amount to anything, he doesn’t?

Well, there are a few things I need to say to myself that aren’t really true yet, but I want them to be.


Things like–

I love eating healthy, low calorie food and losing weight.

I adore exercising, sweating and being out of breath! (I really do enjoy walking. In the fall. When it’s not too hot.)

Cooking is my favorite way to pass the time.

Cleaning house and doing laundry are so much fun!

Come on words! You’ve got the power!clip_art_illustration_a_red_outline_of_a_heart_0071-0904-2000-1161_TNHow about some Bloggy Love?

Tell me. Do you believe Abe was right? Can a person be happy, just because he/she makes up her mind to be?


A Thing Confession

I have a thing. 😦 I know you’ll be disappointed in me, but it’s a real problem. It’s a thing for purses. (Handbags.) And it’s a weird one.

I blame it on my mother.

It’s a search for Purse Perfection

When I was a really little girl, Mom bought me a clear purse for Easter. She showed me I could keep my white gloves in it that day when I wasn’t wearing them. (If I’d worn them long, they wouldn’t have been white.)

I don’t remember a lot about it. Seems as if it was plastic and box shaped and didn’t have color on it anywhere. I just remember thinking it was kind of silly, because everybody could see what was in there–my Sunday School offering and my gloves.

I probably lost it before I was out of Sunday School. LOL. Or maybe I smacked somebody with it and got it taken away from me. I didn’t really care, because it was stupid.

Thus began my search for the perfect purse.

The first bag I remember  needing was a Choo-Choo purse. Anybody remember those?


I mean, I had to have one. HAD. TO.

If you Google it, you see a lot of Jimmy Choo purses, but those aren’t what I mean. This was a purse that looked like a miniature overnight bag. It wasn’t nearly as nice as the one above, which is a Gucci. Mine was square edged and hard.

Not something you could put on and go. (It actually made a good weapon.)

The next bag that caught my interest was called (at least in C-Town) a hatbox.

bag2I can’t imagine why it was called that. (LOL) I didn’t get one.

The next bag I had to have was a straw summer purse. I walked into Bayouth’s Department Store and stopped dead in my tracks. There it was! The purse of my dreams!!!

Actually, it was kind of like the purse worn by Haley Mills in The Parent Trap, a movie I’d seen a couple of years earlier. I didn’t remember the movie at that moment. (I watched it last night and put 2 and 2 together.)

I just had to have it!

It had a long strap and was shaped like the drum that Ricky Ricardo played on I Love Lucy. And it was nearly as big!

I grabbed it and hugged it. Mom said, “No!” so Emile Bayouth gave it to me. For free! (I love that guy!)

I don’t remember carrying it much, but it made for a little extra storage in my bedroom. 🙂

When I was in college, Mom gave me a hippy bag.

It was suede, smallish, flat and had long fringe on the flap, which made it a pain to deal with. But I LOVED it. I mean, was my mom cool or what?

But it wasn’t big enough, so my next bag was just that. A cloth bag with a long strap. Open at the top and had no structure whatever. I loved it, too. (Everyone had one in those days.)

I’m still looking for the perfect bag. I love the shape of a Hobo Purse,


but they usually sprout little nooks and crannies where the stuff I need goes to hide. Right when I need it.

I had a wonderful Coach purse. It had so much room, I had to have smaller bags inside to be able to find anything.

bag3I loved it! First time I noticed one, a friend was carrying it. Rather than wrestle her for it, I bought my own.

And I carried it right up until I had to have shoulder surgery. 😦

So the search goes on for the Perfect Purse. It’s not easy, hunting for perfection, but I will keep trying.

In case you’re wondering, the perfect purse would include room for everything AND my iPad, but be light as a feather. Items inside would be easy to find (a light would help) and easily organized without taking a lot of time, and be self cleaning. And it would need to be so comfortable that I could wear it all day long and forget I had it on.

What’s hard about that?

I’m accepting recommendations. 😉