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Doing the Drag

I posted this on my FB Page.


Responses made me laugh out loud.

Then I started thinking–Was it just back in the day when gasoline was c-h-e-a-p that kids did that kind of thing? Was it just Small Town Worlds? Just Oklahoma?

I don’t know.

Around here, though, kids liked to pile in a car and ride around, but only certain streets. They’d drive down main street through town, turn on the other main street, drive to the end, circle the fast food restaurant there and head back the way they came.

I’m not sure where they turned around on the north end of town. Anybody?

We called it Dragging Main. You could count on seeing certain kids riding there Friday or Saturday night. (And a lot of week nights.)

And you didn’t just drive. You had to honk at your friends in other cars when you passed them.

The reason we did it wasn’t about driving or riding, you know ?

Okay, I didn’t do it. (Honest, Dad!) But everybody else did. I was sure then and I’m positive now. Every single person in this Small Town World got to drag main except me!

It was a social thing.

It was about hanging with friends and making new friends. Flirting with boys (or girls). Having fun.

And sometimes, the cars stopped and the occupants mixed up and started Dragging Main again. Of course, after the mixing, sometimes kids rode together who shouldn’t have been together, and then watch out for the drama!

But hey, at that age, life is all about the drama. Right?

Now the Terminally Curious in me is asking, Has it ended? Did Dragging Main go the way of cheap gas?

If it ended, what took it’s place?

One more question: Did you Drag Main? And if you did, did your mama know?

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