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Zip Lining Books

Linda Trout, one of my long time writer friends, wrote about a dear friend of ours. I couldn’t help but share it. Here’s one talented writer writing about another.

Ltrout's Blog

As a writer, do you zip books out practically in your sleep? Or do you struggle for each and every word in your story?

Regardless of impressions to the contrary, I think most of us fall into the latter category, big name authors included.

As writers we’re all at different aspects of our writing careers; no matter whether you’re multi-published by the traditional publishers, or self-published, or you’ve gone between those two extremes and published with a small press.

We all started at the same place…with a desire to see our written words in print.

In addition, everyone single one of us have to overcome obstacles in order to see our works-in-progress completed. A dear, dear friend is one of those who struggles to even get a few words written each day, depending on how her health is that day.

Writing – the essence of creating something unique, of telling…

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