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I Love a Rainy . . . Anything



Did you ever have a memory hit you so hard right out of the blue, you could practically smell it? That happened to me yesterday, when I was leaving Sister Debbie’s house.

The rain was pouring down, and since I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the rain, I wandered out to my car without worrying about getting wet. Sister D lives in the house Grandmother built, which is right next door to the house we grew up in. (Sister Cindy lives in that house.)

It’s an old neighborhood (nearly as old as I am!) so the curbs aren’t the hump kind that you’d normally think of next to a street. They’re a scoopy kind, shaped a little like a lazy J. I imagine the scoopy curb was used so the water would run off the road and into the curb so it could all go to the big puddle at the end of the street. 🙂

Yesterday, when I went to my car, that scoopy curb was running full and childhood memories came flooding back.

When we were kids, Mama always bought us raincoats


and rubber boots


that fit over our shoes to wear to school. One year, the coat she bought me was exactly like the coat my friend’s mama bought for her. I thought we looked like pink butterflies in them, so I made up a song that we danced to about us butterflies. LOL. I ended it with us flying south for the winter. (I couldn’t let my pink butterflies just die, could I?)

Our front porch was a big one that looked like a stage, so we performed our song and dance for anyone in the neighborhood who wanted to come. The audience consisted of our parents. But hey! They liked it.

When it rained, we nearly always waded in the water. (What are rubber boots for, anyway?) Once, when my mom had given me a permanent (WHY she gave the kid with the curliest hair in town a perm, I have no idea) it was raining when we got out of school.

I usually walked home with one of my friends and her mom came by to pick her up and offered me a ride. “No thanks. I want to walk in the rain.” Her tattle-tale mom called my mom as soon as she got home to tell on me. 😦 My mom wasn’t happy, probably because her daughter wasn’t smart enough to come in out of the rain.

“I just wanted to try out my new raincoat. Why are you mad?”

“Because, you probably ruined your new perm!”

I’m not sure how she figured that, but I was in trouble for maybe five minutes.


Another time, Sister Debbie and I walked in the rain from the downtown movie theater to Mrs. Shriner’s house for Piano Club. Right after that, Sister D and I came down with the measles, and Mom wasn’t happy with us.

“You probably made your measles worse by walking in the rain.” That didn’t stop her from reading “Tom Sawyer” to us while we were sick, though. (She’d been told measles make your eyes weak, so she wouldn’t let us read to ourselves while we were ill.)

I loved wading in the mud next to Grandmother’s house in the warm summer rain. (Yep, I got in trouble again.)

The strongest memory though is a summertime rainstorm, walking barefoot in the water, sluicing down the scoopy curb, as the water splashed over my ankles.

I don’t remember being too strict with my kids when it came to rain and puddles. (They might have other memories, though.)

So, rainy day memories?




Author: Susan Shay

For as long as I can remember, I've loved two things--reading and people--and that led me to become a writer. Many of my stories are set in Small Town Worlds. I'm a wife, mother, sibling and an aunt. I have a deep faith in God, and an exciting life in Christ. Maybe I shouldn't be (after all, he's God!) but I'm constantly amazed at the things He's up to. :)

6 thoughts on “I Love a Rainy . . . Anything

  1. I remember building small boats out of anything that Daddy hadn’t hidden or nailed down from his work bench so I could float them in the curb stream! I got in trouble for being in the rain.
    We played mud pies at my grandma’s.

    Cottonwood trees in bloom bring me back to my childhood. The park around Deep Eddy pool was filled with them.

  2. I’ve never been a big fan of being IN the rain. Inside, by a window and reading? Oh, yeah. I’m all over that.

    • I like that, too, Rhenna! After reading “Little Women” I got hungry for apples and a good book whenever it rained.
      I’m not hard to entertain.
      Thanks for dropping by my Small Town World!

  3. Wonderful post, Susan! Made me smile and recall how I loved the rain, too. Except we didn’t have curbs. Growing up in the country we had dirt roads. Which means mud! I absolutely LOVED walking down that road (or in the garden) barefooted with the mud squishing between my toes. Of course I knew better than to go into the house without washing my feet off first, though. I’m sure Mom scolded me for getting wet and dirty but I don’t really remember that. I’m sure if she were here she’d remind me of just how many times she DID tell me to stay out of the rain. 🙂

    • We had plenty of mud where we lived, Linda! Once I found a beautiful strip of it between our house and Grandmother’s. I waded in it for a while in the rain, but then Mama caught me. “You’ve ruined your grandmother’s yard! When your daddy sees this, you’ll probably be in trouble.”
      But by the time it dried enough for Dad to see, it had smoothed itself out and I never heard another word. (Relief!) 🙂
      I never could resist a good mud hole. 😉

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