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Wise (?) Grandmotherly Advice

I might have mentioned all my kiddos are married with homes of their own. (And did I tell you I’m going to be a grandmommy? 🙂 If I didn’t, let me know. I’ll be happy to fill you in!)

With three grown sons, I have a little experience with kids. Yeah, a lot of it is the kind you point to and say, “Don’t do what I did.” LOL.

Are you waiting with bated (or is that baited?) breath to hear my Wise Grandmotherly Advice? Stop laughing. I might have learned something while I was rearing my kids. Then again, maybe not. *wink*

happy boys

First piece of WGA: I’ve always believed children should work! (The more they do, the less I have to do. Right?) I started #1 son off when he was about three. I gave him the chore of gathering the upstairs trash.

“Get all the trash and bring it right here,” I said, pointing at the upstairs landing. “Okay?”

He nodded and scampered off to get started with his work while I made beds. When I came back to the landing, I found he’d done exactly what I’d asked. He got every trashcan, carried it to the landing AND DUMPED IT RIGHT THERE! (There were crumpled papers and snotty tissues everywhere.)

Guess I should have been a little clearer with my explanation. 🙂

As they got older, I gave all my children jobs to do around the house. Clear the table, put away clean clothes, make their own bed, and when they got older, they had to mow the yard. With them doing all that work, I should have been sitting around, reading fabulous romances and eating bon-bons, right? (Snort!) I had to police their work, didn’t I? 😉

4 shays

Of course, everyone doesn’t agree children should help out. One friend who was divorced and had three children was adamant that her children shouldn’t have to help out, just because she was in school full time and supporting them. It was  her job, she told me, not theirs!

Another close friend also had sons. I put mine to work at the pharmacy as soon as they were old enough to use the register and count back change. When #1 got his driver’s license, he helped with deliveries and picking up the kids after school.

But my friend’s husband didn’t allow their children to work at all while they were in school. “They’ll have to work for the rest of their lives. They shouldn’t have to start that early.

My dad always said a job wasn’t work; it’s pure entertainment. Guess her husband missed that memo. 😛

So tell me what you think so I can share it with my gonna-be-parents offspring–do you think kids should help out and work or do you think they shouldn’t start until they have to?

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Best! One! Ever!

Did you miss me over the weekend? Probably not, unless I work with you (I missed part of Thursday and Friday) or you’re one of my pets. 🙂

I was in OKC at Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc’s annual conference. And I have to tell you, I had a ball!

This was the best conference ever!

Why? Well, to start with, the keynote speaker was Eloisa James.


Professor McGonagall aka Eloisa James

She spoke about writing and success and just how to do it. I wish someone had recorded everything she had to say, because it was good!


This is The Wild Rose Press publisher and my first editor, Rhonda Penders. We celebrated her birthday at the Buzz Session Friday night after the costume contest (I didn’t enter) and Famous Authors’ Dinner.

She’s wearing the book cover necklace I made for her. 🙂

rhonda's-husband,-scott Standing in the door is Rhonda’s husband checking out the session/bd party. Nice guy!


Another buzz session pic.

famous-authorsThey showed a slide of all the attendees’ books published in 2013, whether purchased by a publisher or self-pubbed. I loved seeing my name up there! 🙂


Smart Women Crew with Gloria Teague from The Ford.


Marion, Linda, Gloria, Rhenna, Kathlyn and T. D. Hart.

TD Hart took 1st Place in two categories!

TD Hart took 1st Place in two categories!

First Place Winner, Rhenna Morgan!

First Place Winner, Rhenna Morgan!

And they gave me 1st Place in Romance. (Is that cool or what?)


And they gave me a $50 check! Believe it or not! 🙂