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Hap-Hap-Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day. CELEBRATE! (LOL)

My boys have always been wonderful MD observers. But one of them didn’t always celebrate MY motherhood, as I mentioned in this Mother’s Day Post.  😉

When I was born, my folks lived in an old two story house in the Basin near Old ‘Ford. They always called it, “Aunt Sarah’s House.” For a long time, I didn’t know I had an Aunt Sarah.


This is Aunt Sarah, who really wasn’t an aunt at all. She was my g-g-granddad’s 2nd wife. She had 357 kids with g-g-granddad Okay, not that many. Actually, it was twelve, but with his three kids from his first marriage, I’m sure it seemed like 357 on some days!

Aunt Sarah was 17 years younger than Grandpa Joe. I’m not sure when Sarah and Joe married, but Mary died in 1881 and Sarah and Joe had their first child in 1883.

They had their last child together in 1901, and Grandpa Joe died in 1903. Sarah then remarried and had another child in 1908. If all her children and step-children had lived (they didn’t) imagine the Mother’s Days Sarah would have had! She should have cleaned up!

EXCEPT: Mother’s Day didn’t start until 1908. Poor woman raised sixteen children with no Mother’s Days to compensate her.

Aunt Sarah’s house had three bedrooms upstairs and one down. I’m not sure where they put everyone. How many kids can sleep in one bed?

No. Running. Water. And yes, the bathroom was outside. Imagine that many people waiting to go! LOL.


great-great-grandparentsIn case you’re wondering about her, this Great-Great-Grandma Mary, who died at age 30 before Grandpa Joe came to OkieLand.

When you compare 12 or 15, counting step-children, to only 6, my mama didn’t have that many kiddos. And since I only had three, I’m a real piker! 🙂

I’ve had people ask how a woman could divide her love enough for so many kids.

The answer is, it doesn’t divide. It multiplies. (I learned that at my Mama’s knee!)

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? Flowers? Lavish gifts? A good book? (I have a suggestion if you need one. *wink*) Inquiring minds!

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Woolly Bully or . . . ?

So, bullying. Yep, a hot topic, especially if you have school aged children. I hate it when someone bigger or older or several people gang up on someone else.

Sometimes I wonder, “Do you know you’re being a bully? Do you think you’re funny???”

(Yeah, bullies are usually that stupid.) My solution?

Ignore them, come over and listen to “Woolly Bully” with me. Honestly, give it time. I can practically guarantee you’ll win in the end.

Kid bullies nearly always end up the same. They’re the ones you see on TV who get interviewed when something happens in your town. They have an average of about one tooth in their mouths (if they have two, they don’t meet up.) They can’t keep a job, and drive cars that barely make it from one stop sign to the next. (And if they don’t end up like that, they should!)

From what I’ve noticed, the TV ads about “don’t be a bully” work about as well as the ones that say, “Don’t do drugs.” Remember?

This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.  

How about,

This is a normal brain. This pea is the size of a bully’s. 😉

There are all kinds of bullies, especially with all the in-the-air stuff these days.

  • Face-to-face. (Sometimes toe-to-toe with a bloody nose.)
  • Behind your back. (She said, he said, yada yada.)
  • Texted.
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Cyber.

I had a cyber-bully on my blog for a while. What’s funny is, Bully Boy thought he was anonymous because he used a Blackberry and made up a fake email address each time. Took me about five minutes to check out who was sending them (every phone has an id) and set up a block so they didn’t reach me, then boogie to Woolly Bully.

♪♫ “Hattie told Matty, Let’s don’t take no chance, Let’s don’t be L-seven, Come and learn to dance.” ♪♫

So how do (did?) you handle bullying? And more importantly, how would/do you help kids handle it?

Please share! You could be the solution to today’s biggest problem. (But probably it’s Mr. Sham.)